Who is a freelancer? The pros and cons of being a freelancer

Freelancer working online

Some may have already encountered the name of the word freelancer. For many it may still be an unknown or unclear term. So who is a freelancer? What are the pros and cons of working as a freelancer?


Contents of this article:

  1. Who is a freelancer?

  2. Pros of being a freelancer

  3. The cons of being a freelancer


1. Who is a freelancer?

Firstly, it does not mean that a freelancer works remotely. Of course, in most of the cases, this involves working online, but the determinant is quite different. A freelancer is a self-employed person undertaking short- or long-term, full-time or part-time assignments or projects. It is usually paid in the form of an hourly rate or for the performance of a predetermined task.

We can assume that this person does not have an employer, but his clients. Usually, this form of earning a living should be registered as a self-employed, and you should pay taxes yourself. A freelancer is basically a person who runs his business. Most often they are:


  • programmers
  • graphic designers
  • marketers,
  • sales,
  • virtual assistants.

So is it worth switching to a freelancer if you do any of the above jobs? Like everything, it has its advantages and disadvantages. That’s why is best to analyze all the cases and evaluate them on your own.




# Flexible working hours

In most cases, working on projects does not require fixed working hours. That is why usually you arrange them yourself. Going to the doctor, hairdresser or shopping should not be a problem. Of course, the most convenient way is to work from morning to afternoon, but if you go to other time zones, the flexibility of working hours is beneficial. It is often a matter of getting along with the client.

# Control of the amount of work

A virus had appeared in the world and are you at home? You can look for an additional job, you can’t leave anyway!

If, for example, in summer, and you do not want to be overloaded with work, you simply do not have to accept additional projects. You are free. However, before you reject the client, think about whether it will pay off financially 🙂


# Opportunities to work on a variety of tasks

By working on various projects, you can learn a lot and gain extensive experience. You don’t have to change to a full-time job and the turmoil associated with it. This is the advantage of being a freelancer that I really love. I’ve been working on the development of an online store, affiliate marketing, campaigns with influencers, e-mail marketing, software sales, website positioning, and a few more. Something interesting always happens, no monotony. On the topic of finding a remote job, you may be interested in my article on where to find a remote job.

# Flexible workplace

Nobody is interested in where you work from, but that the work is done.

You can work from home, coworking space, or tropical island where you prefer. It’s also great to visit your friends and family, where you can spend time with them outside of work without having to take a vacation. I encourage you to read the post about The Benefits of a Remote Job That Nobody Ever Talks About.





#Taxes & Liability

To be a freelancer is to have your own company or business.  It is necessary to pay taxes for it and be responsible for every element of this business. He is an entrepreneur who acquires clients and performs services for them, and it is not always easy.


# No benefits

Freelancers do not have paid holidays, sickness, maternity, or childcare leave. They don’t work, they don’t have money. If you work on a project with your client, even full-time, do not count on such convenience. It does not happen that the client offers it of his own free will.


# Instability

An employee is looking for an employer and a freelancer is looking for clients. Each client is his job. If there is no client, there is no job, and therefore no money. He also has to devote his time to finding projects, which are often short-term, and of course to execute them later. One month you get paid like a king, the other you are a beggar.

And taxes have to be paid all the time …


# Isolation

Most of the time, being a freelancer means working online. You don’t meet your colleagues, you are a bit lonely. Is it a disadvantage or an advantage? It depends on the situation and humor 🙂


#Work at full speed

You always need to show and explain to the client how your time was used and what was done. There is no time to take a tranquil break and drink coffee during working hours, especially if you work on an hourly wage. I usually add up those lost minutes and work longer. This is no longer a “secure chair” in an office with full-time work.

It is fair to count this break because when you are not working you have less effect and clients can see it. Since you already have this employer, it is worth keeping him for longer. Anyway, It depends on each freelancer.


#Work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

They say that a lot depends on the organization, and I agree with that. However, there are clients who write at 4 am on Sundays and ask some questions about the project. I am a bit irritated when I get up on Sunday morning and see this good morning message. Especially since the client lives in the same time zone, comes from a “rich” country, and has negotiated a lot with me on the hourly rate. Actually, customer perception is very dependent on the rate. Those who pay well do not irritate, and I am happy to answer even on weekends :). Which makes a freelancer job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

# The risk of not being paid

There are dishonest clients who disappear after the work was done. And not only! I’ve also heard of people who run fake businesses and hire freelancers to do so. It’s best to recruit and work through Upwork with customers you don’t know and trust. They do not charge a commission for a new customer and the payment is done safely.


As you can see the list of disadvantages is longer than the advantages. Well, freelancing is business, business is risk. You need to constantly train to keep up with the trends of your profession. Besides, you also need to be an entrepreneur, marketer, seller, project manager at one time. Life as a freelancer is not always easy, but I love it and wish you all to keep going in pursuit of your dreams.

Maybe you are also a freelancer and would like to add something else to the pros and cons list? Write in the comment!