Where to look for a remote job? 8 recommended websites

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Remote, online or work, from home. We call it in many ways. Some are looking for it to be able to travel, some to earn more, others (mainly women) to earn some extra money while raising a child. A question that comes up very often from my friends.
Where to look for a remote job?


Contents of this post:

1. Who can look for a remote job?

2. Is it easy to find a remote job?

3. Where to look for a remote job?

            a) Websites with full-time jobs

            b) Websites with offers for freelancers


1. Who can look for a remote job?

The websites I will present are only in English. The employers are mostly foreigners, many from the USA. For this reason, it should be obvious here that people looking for a remote job should have a good command of English. This means that the level should be at least B2.

It is easiest to find a remote job in the following professions:

  • programmer,
  • graphic designer,
  • marketer,
  • sales rep,
  • virtual assistant,
  • customer support.

If you are one of them, it is 50% success in finding your dream job outside the office 9-5. If not – you have to learn one of the professions that I started 5 years ago.


2. Is it easy to find a remote job?

Good positions are hard to get, worse ones are easier – obvious. If you don’t have experience and luck, it’s not easy. That’s why it wasn’t easy for me in the beginning either. I had only a year and a half of experience in sales when I started my adventure with finding a remote job.  Zero-knowledge about digital marketing, blogging, and the internet in general.

It can be tough, but don’t let that put you off. Remote work is great for many reasons: financial, convenience, health, relationships, and everything else. As a person working for the fifth year online, I praise it a lot. The advantages are enormous, and you can read them in my previous post The Benefits of a Remote Job That Nobody Ever Talks About.

3. Where to look for a remote job?

I would divide them into 2 categories:

a) Websites with full-time offers

b) Websites with offers for freelancers

a) Websites with full-time offers

If you have solid experience in a specific profession, you have the chance to find a project right away full time. I recommend the following pages for this:


Quite a good page, the employer pays quite much for posting an advertisement, so we can be sure that the offers are not spam. There are mostly full-time positions with average and expert experience.


Remote.io logo

There are many manager and director positions, mainly in the IT industry. For me, it is not the best, because there are not many marketing and sales offers. IT guys should view this website often.


Top Tal logo

It’s a big deal. The website is intended mainly for programmers and people operating in the IT industry. Toptal is more an agency than a regular job website. First, you need to go through the recruitment process and pass a few tests to be included in the database of its employees. After being accepted into Toptal, you can apply for projects that are only available to members who have successfully joined the freelance database. It is not easy to get there, but if you do, the earnings can be great.


Remote.co logo

I recommend that you visit this site once or twice a week. Most of the offers posted there are full-time and sometimes, from my point of view, something interesting will come across.



b) Websites with offers for freelancers

If you are interested in typically freelance work, I recommend the following websites. They are easier to find short-term or part-time projects that will give you experience working remotely or simply give you the opportunity to earn extra money. I recommend them to those who are just starting their remote career, before completely switching to a 100% online earning-a-living. On all the following pages you have to create and complete your own profile, tedious, I know, but it’s worth it.


Upwork logo

The largest and most popular platform for freelancers. Offers appear literally second-by-second. You can also find full-time jobs there, but there are more for part-time projects. The website is quite advanced, it has its own automatic payment system, the ability to provide feedback to employees and to employers after finishing work, applications that track the screen while working, etc. They have created a freelancer profile under the influence of complex algorithms. If you are at the top, employers who post the offer can send you an invitation to apply for the project. This makes the chances of winning the contract higher. I have been appearing in such search results for several months and it really helps me find customers. Unfortunately, applications for projects are paid, so you need to know well how this site works in order not to lose money mindlessly. I will write a more detailed post about how to find a job on Upwork.


FreeUp logo

I would also call this website ‘an agency’ like the one already mentioned in the case of TopTal. To view job offers, you must go through the recruitment process, but it is not particularly complicated. I’m on it and I’ve found some projects there too. FreeUp has its own payment system, working hours tracking, protection against dishonest employers, but it is less advanced than Upwork and there are fewer offers. Checking this page once a day is enough not to miss the interesting offer.


Angel List logo

Warto przeklikać, jednak myślę, że do bycia freelancerem Upwork i FreeUp jest o wiele lepszy. Z tej strony udało mi się rozmawiać z klientem tylko raz. Nie chcę Was jednak do niej zniechęcać, ponieważ każdy ma inne doświadczenia i umiejętności. Na projekty aplikuje się tam bardzo szybko, praktycznie jednym kliknięciem.

It’s worth clicking through, but I think that Upwork and FreeUp is much better for freelancers. On this site, I was able to talk to the client only once a long time ago. However, I do not want to discourage you from it, because everyone has different experiences and skills. You can apply for projects there very quickly, with practically one click.

Freelancer logo

There are also tons of adverts on this site, but most of them are low-cost, lower $10 per hour (remember that this is before tax). I have a profile there, but so far I haven’t focused on it because I already have my favorites. Unfortunately, applications for projects are also paid there.


There are a lot of other websites where you can find a remote job. However, the one above I think are the most important, especially for online beginners. I recommend that you take small steps forward and don’t get discouraged. Of course, you won’t find this job right away, and I recommend that you have this approach at the beginning. This way you will not give up so quickly. Only the persistent ones will succeed! Good luck! 🙂

Do you know any other websites that are worth recommending when looking for a remote job? Share them in the comment!