What to see in Scania?

A journey through southern Sweden.

Before going to Scania (Skåne), we read a lot of articles about southern Sweden. We wanted to plan our trip in detail to not lose time. However, we did not find on the internet a specific sightseeing plan. After returning from holiday, I decided to create and a sample plan based on our trip. What to see in Scania (Skåne)? Here is the southern Sweden itinerary!

People planning to visit Sweden should also read my previous post about practical information. I described there how to get to and travel in Sweden, about the prices, weather, and customs of the Swedes. Traveling in southern Sweden, Skane – practical information

We had:

  • five days
  • one car
  • two bicycles

Let’s start with the map with pins.

In orange, I marked attractions of Scania in the order of visiting from 1-10.

In blue, I’ve marked places worth stopping and eating.

1. Ales Stenar (Ales Stones)

ales stenar

We started our trip from the arrival in the port by ferry to the city of Ystad from Polish town Świnoujście. We arrived in Sweden at 6.30 am, so we decided that we would start our tour from Ales Stenar. It’s a Stonehenge of Sweden that you can see without buying tickets. The Stone Circle is 19 km away from Ystad, which is approximately 20 minutes by car.

There were no tourists at 7 am, so we were free to walk up the hill. Unfortunately, all the fish restaurants below the attraction were closed.

As usual with stone circles. Nobody knows the reason why they were created. It could have been a Viking tomb, an astronomical observatory, or another of hundreds of theories 🙂

Sightseeing time: ~ 30 min

On a warm day, you can extend this time by sitting on a blanket, having a picnic, and enjoying the views. I also recommend visiting the gastronomic points in the port, down the hill. I’ve heard the food is great.

Ales Stenar, kamienny krąg

We arrived before sunrise

ales stenar

Just stones, but a really great attraction

Ales Stenar has a great view of the Baltic Sea

The landscape made the stone circle even more attractive

From the bird’s eye view, Ales Stenar resembles the shape of a boat

Breakfast at Olof Viktors Farm shop

kawiarnia na farmie

The next stop of our trip was at the farmhouse cafe for breakfast. This is one of the few places in the Ystad area that is open from 8 am. As I mentioned before, our journeys started at 6.30 am. The Olof Viktors Farm shop is a great place to try local products on the Ales – Ystad Stone Circle road. I couldn’t resist the cinnamon bun, it was my must-try in Sweden. Soft and slightly crunchy, cinnamon flavour and sweet, melting in the mouth. Yummy!

I recommend that you bake yourself such buns from a real Swedish recipe on my blog. I love them. Swedish cinnamon rolls – recipe.

For those who prefer a savory breakfast, I recommend trying the shrimp sandwich. It looked delicious, but unfortunately it was only displayed after we were leaving the cafe.

In Skåne, we saw several such food outlets on farms, mainly on tourist maps. These are interesting attractions. You can see Swedes like such investments.

szwedzka bułeczka cynamonowa i kawa

The perfect breakfast set for a tourist in Sweden

cynamonowe bułeczki w kawiarni

Olof Viktors Farm shop. The interior of the cafe was very stylish.

2. Ystad

Budynki w Ystad

Another point of our trip around (Scania Skåne) was Ystad. It is the town we came to by ferry from Świnoujście, the Polish city. We wondered whether to visit them by bike or on foot. However, we decided to go on foot. Ystad is a small town, and you can easily walk to the most important attractions. There are gothic churches and the place itself is very nice. There you can find colorful buildings that add charm to the whole place.

In Ystad you can find tourist information. From there, you can take maps and walk around the city with them. There are also many other brochures and free maps on what to see in Scania. You can find the locations of this point at the link HERE.

Duration of the visit: ~ 2 hours

Of course, you can extend this time by sitting in a restaurant for a Scandinavian dinner.

budynki w ystad

Colorful houses in Ystad

Möllers Bryggeri

Möllers Bryggeri building

Klosterdammen Park


Ulice Ystad

Walking around Ystad

teatr ystad

Klosterdammen Park

Gamla kyrkogården

Visiting Ystad

Relax on the beach, picnic

plaża Skania

After visiting Ystad, we started to drive to Falserbo. Scania has long cycle paths along the coast and easily accessible beaches with toilets and small bars. We decided to stop at one of them, grab some snacks and take a short nap on the sand. I recommend taking such pleasant moments and stopping a bit while traveling.

3. Falsterbo

Zachód słońca, Falsterbo

When we got to Falsterbo, we immediately took the bikes out of the car. We had to put on extra clothes because it was getting dark, and the wind was cold. The town is located on a peninsula, where you can easily ride it along bicycle paths and visit local beaches. The weather was not favorable, but the fantastic sunset paid it back. Falsterbo is definitely a place where you can admire the sea and take a break from the city noise.

We stayed overnight in Falsterbo, renting a cabin from Airbnb.

Duration of the trip by bike: ~ 3 hours

Na rowerze wzdłuż plaży

By bike with 3 jackets 🙂

These little houses really add the charm


Swedes obviously like colorful buildings

Plaża Falsterbo

The sea was very peaceful. After all, right behind it is another land, Denmark.

Port Falsterbo

The sunset was changing colors minute by minute

Kitesurf on the sea

And here someone decided to go kitesurfing at 5 degrees, cold wind and water.

Brunch at Limhamns Fiskrökeri

Smażone szwedzkie śledzie

On the second day, on our way to Malmo, we stopped at Limhamns Fiskrökeri. This restaurant is my TOP 1 on our trip to Sweden. We ordered fried herring there. Unfortunately, as we previously thought, they are not available in many restaurants. The herring itself would not be so delicious if it were not for these side dishes. The fish was put on mashed potatoes, with sauce and cranberries. We ordered one portion to leave space in our stomachs for other Malmo delicacies. We expected loads of street food with fish there, but we were disappointed. There were no. Perhaps it was a bit as if a foreigner expected dumplings in booths on the streets of Warsaw. We do not have it.

The restaurant was really great and inexpensive for Swedish conditions. We paid 16€ for a portion and a drink.

Right next to it (entrance also through the restaurant) was a fish shop. The serving lady spoke English, so there was no problem translating the flavors of herring salads and other fish preserves to us. We took a small portion of shrimp, three flavors of herring, and a salmon pie. It wasn’t much, but it cost about 22€. It was enough for us to eat supper with bread.

ryby w sklepie

If only I had the opportunity to bake a salmon like this …

restauracja ze smażonymi śledziami

Restaurant with fried herring

rybna wystawa sklepowa

The fish delicacies were really tempting

4. Malmo

Turning Torso

Malmo, the largest city in Skåne. We left the car in the suburbs, and we reached the center within 15 minutes on our bikes. HERE is the location of the free car park up to 4 hours. We had great and sunny weather, so it helped to make us have a great impression visiting this place.

In Malmo, we went on a guided boat cruise, which lasted 50 minutes and cost 18€. The views were very nice but unfortunately, the guide sound system was terrible, we hardly understood anything. Still, the cruise itself was very enjoyable. It was not possible to pay for the trip in cash. We didn’t book tickets online, but it was a pandemic time, so there was no problem with seats. More information on this subject and the possibility of booking can be found HERE.

An alternative attraction may be to rent a boat and steer it yourself. No license is required for it, running it is very easy. Everything was automated, it can be rented on-site via the app. There are tables on the boats and people can have picnics. I even took pictures of the girls who played there at the hen party. It would definitely be a great adventure. One hour of rent is 50€.

More information about these boats and the possibility of booking can be found HERE.

In Malmo, I also recommend visiting the train station in the center. There are plenty of catering stalls where you can eat well. However, remember to check the opening hours. On Saturday, the booths were closed at 4 p.m.

In addition, I suggest walking around and get lost in the city because it is the best way of exploring Malmo.

Sightseeing time: ~ I would recommend the whole day

Rejsem po kanale w Malmo

During a cruise on the Malmo Canal

Dworzec kolejowy Malmo

Malmo Railway Station

Kanał w Malmo

Buildings in Malmo

Rejs łódką po Malmo

Walking around in Malmo

Stacja kolejowa w Malmo

At the Malmo train station, that you can find great food booths

Turning Torso nocą

Turning Torso by night

Kanał Malmo

During the cruise, you can see interesting places

Turning Torso Malmo

The tallest building in Malmo during sunset

Park w Malmo

Relax in one of Malmo’s parks

5. Kullaberg National Park

Park narodowy Kullaberg

We devoted the third day of our visit to Skåne to hiking in the Kullaberg National Park. It is a great place for those who love to spend time actively. The mountains and the sea were a great combination there.

At the beginning, we wanted to go down to the park by bike. We fouond out, however that most interesting, rocky places are better to see on foot. It will take approximately 2 hours. After this time, we went back to our bikes and rode the bike paths on the other side of the park, which was no longer rocky, but also required some mountain-biking skills.

The park has tourist information, mini bar and toilets. From there, you can take maps of the park and plan your trip according to your preferences. I recommend taking some snacks as well as sometimes it’s great to sit down and watch the rocky coast and eat something tasty.

Sightseeing time ~ 4 hours

Park narodowy Kullaberg

Coffee breaks in places like this are the best!

Wędrówka po Parku Narodowym Kullaberg

The deviation from the trail required a bit of a climb

Wędrówka po Parku Narodowym Kullaberg

Getting off the trail completely was an adventure

Park narodowy Kullaberg

Kullaberg National Park

Park narodowy Kullaberg

The mountains and the sea are a great combination

Park narodowy Kullaberg

Kullaberg National Park

View of the town of Molle

Park narodowy Kullaberg

We like to go off track

Wędrówka po Parku Narodowym Kullaberg

The beaten paths are often not so exciting

Park narodowy Kullaberg

April is a great time to go hiking

6. Ven Island

Wybrzeże wyspy Ven

The next day was entirely dedicated to visiting the island of Ven. There are no bridges to this place. You have to go there by ferry from the town of Landskrona.

The cost of a return ticket from Landskrona to Ven is ~ 18 €  (180 SEK).
Two-way bicycle transport ~ 12 € (120 SEK).
We bought the tickets on the spot before departure. It was off-season and during a pandemic, so we had no problem with that. However, if you are going there in high season, I recommend that you book your ticket online at: ventrafiken.se

In order to fully enjoy the charm of the island of Ven, you should take a bike ride. On average, I think it takes 10-15 km to go around it and to some places in depth. We had our own bikes, but you can also rent them on site. Their website is currently down but on Google there is phone number to call and book if you want to be sure you can rent them. The bike rental point is right next to the island’s port.

Bicycle rental on the island of Ven.

We left Landskrona at 9:30 am. We had a return ticket for 8 pm. However, we could actually board the return ferry at any time because there were not many people. We got on the return ferry at 4 pm. These 6 hours were more than enough to explore the island, eat lunch and relax a bit on the beach.

A trip to the island of Ven is a leisurely trip. The attraction of this place is mainly nature, observation of a peaceful and idyllic life. Ven is mainly a village, the sea, farmland and lots of pheasants. If someone would like to rest mentally away from the hustle and bustle of the city, should spend at least one day in this place.

Sightseeing time ~ 6 hours (I would recommend whole day)

Dom na wyspie Ven

So Swedish view 🙂

ścieżka rowerowa na wyspie Ven

Bicycle path on the island of Ven

prom przypływający na Ven

Ferry arriving at Ven

Wybrzeże wyspy Ven

The coast of the island of Ven

Kościół na wyspie Ven

Church on the island of Ven

Zadbane podwórko na Ven

Swedes seem to care about the surroundings of their home

Konie na wyspie Ven

Unusual landscapes combining the countryside and the sea

It is worth to visit the whiskey distillery for a tasting

Alpaki na wyspie Ven

They even had alpacas there!

Wybrzeże na Ven

The April weather even let us to relax on the beach

Bażant na wyspie Ven

Pheasant is probably the most popular inhabitant of the island of Ven

Piknik na wyspie Ven

Picnic on the island of Ven

Rowerem po wyspie Ven

The island is made for cycling trips

Wybrzeże Ven

Great views of the island of Ven

Lunch at Turistgården – House Of Ven

Obiad na wy

On Ven during the off-season and during the pandemic, most sites were closed. The only open restaurant we found was Turistgården – House Of Ven. In the end, we managed to eat Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and sandwiches with herring. The portions were small but exquisite and delicious. I recommend!

7. Lund

The next point of our trip around Scania (Skåne) was the town of Lund. We stopped there practically for a two-hour walk. It was enough for me to see the most characteristic places, such as the cathedral, university, and center. I also recommend stopping at a cafe, because there are a lot of them and they tempt by the smell of coffee and wonderful sweets.

Sightseeing time ~ 1-2 hours

Wnętrze katedry Lund

Interior of the Lund Cathedral

Uniwersytet w Lund

Lund University

Budynki w Lund

 Streets of Lund

Wnętrze katedry Lund

Interior of the Lund Cathedral

University Square

University Square

Budynki w Lund

 Streets of Lund

8. Stenshuvud National Park

Wybrzeże parku

The last place we visited was Stenshuvund National Park. Cycling in the park is not allowed, so we went hiking. It took us 2-3 hours to walk one of the more attractive routes. The park is, therefore, one of the places where you can make quite easy trips, or rather a walk. We hit the time when the flowers were starting to bloom. The landscape really reminded me the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Sightseeing time ~ from 2 hours

 las parku Stenshuvud

Trail in the Stenshuvud Park

kwiaty nad morzem

April was a great flowering time

drzewo z białymi kwiatami

and here too …

na szlaku w Stenshuvud

I felt like in Sleeping Beauty. Green, flowery landscape, only animals were missing 🙂

On the trail in Stenshuvud

las Stenshuvud

Green everywhere

wybrzeże w parku las parku Stenshuvud

One of the routes runs along the shoreline

Szlak w parku Stenshuvud

The trail was sometimes mysterious

I think after our search for what to see in Scania (Skåne), we chose the most interesting places. I recommend you to do a similar route, if you like 🙂 Nevertheless, southern Sweden is also rich in other attractions. For demanding people and those looking for other adventures, I recommend the website visitskania.se. It is a website dedicated to tourists visiting Scania.

South Sweden is worth seeing. Enjoy your trip!