The Spanish village is very different from the Polish one, oh yeah.

Until today I remember listening with interest in Zhuhai the story of my friend about an idyllic place in central Spain called La Iglesuela. Tired of a neverending crowd and Chinese culture (I have lived there for 1.5 years) I said: “This is paradise on the Earth! When I will go to Poland I will visit you in Spain! “

It happened that this friend became my boyfriend, and La Iglesuela my home.  Spanish village which is, in fact, a great place has also disadvantages :).

I will start with the advantages because there are more of them.


# The landscape like a tale

The land where La Iglesuela is located is a mountainous region – there are plenty of mountain trails around, where you can go for a weekend. One day out in the mountains and you already feel like on vacation.

#400 inhabitants and 8 bars!

The village has about 400 inhabitants and 7-8 bar (depending on the season). Some bars are open only during the weekends, however, they have been here for many years and they are doing well.  I noticed that the gastronomy in Spain is a good business.

# Central location of the village

Homes are concentrated in one place. This makes all the residents meeting very often. Children have close school,  adults bars and thanks to this arrangement in the countryside there is ability to maintain facilities such like bank or shop. All this, we have a maximum of 10 minutes walking distance. This is more convenient arrangement than having the nearest neighbor within 1 km.

#Public swimming pool

Open in the summer. Entrance 2€ for the whole day.

# Excellent administration

The village has it’s own administration and town hall where every day (mon-fri) someone is working and you can do some business. I will humbly say that I am the first citizen of Poland in the history of La Iglesuela, which has a residence here :). The administration takes care of the look of the village, promoting and providing entertainment for the residents.

#Basic facilities

We have a small supermarket, a bakery, a pharmacy, a bank, a clinic, a primary school, a bus stop (everything not advanced but enough for the emergency).

#Activities for the elderly people

Since most of the residents are pensioners, there are activities for them. Men have a special cafeteria where they play cards, and women have zumba. They also have their own theater, where they meet to have trainings before the performance during the upcoming holidays.


#Fiesta, fiesta and fiesta!

On holidays, the May Day, La Iglesuela celebrations, religious holidays or some other holiday, which I have never registered in my head – are organized larger events. There are fairs, corrida, animal shows, free tapas and what I like the most – nightly concerts, where everyone dance from children to grandparents.


#Larger villages nearby

There are other “attractions” available in the larger villages nearby. Personally, I go to the Zumba (for young people not for retirees: P), salsa and bachata lessons and photography course. Dance classes- 28 €, Zumba – 9 €, photo course – 0 € (sponsored by the city hall). All prices per month, 2 hours per week. Spain, but not so expensive in this case.


Is very silent here and the only thing you can hear is sounds of the sheep’s or during the evening voices of the frogs and people from the bars.

#Migration to the countryside

People from other parts of Spain are moving here, and they are not attracted to the job either family. They just live here. In Poland, people do not move to the countryside just because.


We can enjoy good weather. The summer starts here from May and finishes at the end of October.

It is nice to live here, but to no express that it is a land flowing with milk and honey, I will introduce you disadvantages soon!

Any questions, suggestions, comments?  Maybe do you want to visit me? Guests always welcome :). Write below! 🙂