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This is a travel blog with a bit of motivation to make your dreams come true.

What will you find here?

  • Cultural diversity description, which I experienced / I am experiencing or I will experience myself.
  • My travel adventures, the horrible, the shocking and the funny ones.
  • Inspiration for choosing your own path through the life and pick your own destiny
  • Travel tips

What’s my goal?

I know that everyone thinks differently. I know that everyone wants something different. Personally, I know that the same thing doesn’t always work out and I personally experienced it, but you can always pull out the pros from every situation and keep following your dreams.

I don’t want you to read my blog, thinking: Ahh, there is great, I would love to go there but I cannot because of  X, Y or Z. Noooo! Noo! No!

I want you to tell –

– YES! I DID IT – in every aspect of your life.

Bergen, NORWAY

Bergen, NORWAY

Because I know when people are happier the world is more beautiful 🙂

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