For those who have not had the opportunity to dive yet, I will be honest – my photos like most other underwater ones are nonsense: P They are edited in Photoshop to achieve nice colors, which in the water at a high depth no one will ever see without using the proper lights  ( comparison at the one picture).
The Red Sea offers plenty of attractions such as colorful aquatic organisms and, first of all, shipwrecks (well, an unlucky place). The transparency of the water is great, the visibility of about 15m down or more, it seems to me that it was much better than in Bali. What can you see there – the pictures show – pay attention to the pissed octopus, which changed the colors several times and finally said: “Fu** off, I am going away”.
I love diving! I am immersed in the water, looking at many differently colored organisms and every single time (I know that you think I am exaggerating, but it really is) I feel like I know why I live: D is so awesome that while smiling, water pours in to my mouth and I am forced to “grasp”, reduce the level of euphoria, so that the rest of the divers do not have to pull me to the surface.
If you have, even the slightest desire to try diving – do it at the earliest opportunity, I insist  you will not regret it .


In EL Gouna there are several diving centers with different prices, I chose the cheapest for 190 euros, which included
-day reminder of skills (the last time I was diving 2 years ago) + 1 diving from a fast boat
-1 day of diving (2 dives) and lunch on the boat.
The cons of diving in the Red Sea is that underwater attractions are located far from the shore, they sail there by a large boat and your day is busy from 8 a.m. to 5p.m. with 2 max. 3 dives.

I was diving exactly with them : https://www.emperordivers.com/el-gouna-diving.php



El Gouna has a great place for kitesurfing. Shallow water and the wind is almost guaranteed. What’s more, there is a Polish kitesurfing school, which associates many Poles and thanks to that makes a small Polish town there. A very cool and comfortable place for kitesurfing people http://www.redseazone.com/en/home .
I am a beginner in kitesurfing and it happened there. Terrible, unfortunate and harmless, but hurting like a hell – fall. When I hit bottom, the first thing I thought was: “God! How good that this time I bought insurance … “And usually I never have it, because personally, I think it’s a bit like throwing money away 😀

General information about El Gouna, prices and whether you can find here.



Just go to their website and check the prices of various courses. Unfortunately, this is not a cheap sport …

Example: 8 hours of lessons – 490 €