Spending time on the hot beach is one of the best options for holiday for most people. Until I was around 24, going to the seaside meant for me just spreading a towel and laying on it. I was drinking a beer, eating chips, and chatting with my friends. I had a lot of fun and thought that I was spending my holiday to the maximum. It happened only because I was not aware of what other, great attractions go unnoticed next to me. For several years I have had “missed opportunity syndrome”. I explained it as a stage in which I rarely refuse to try something new because of fear of missing out on things that give me joy, adrenaline, and challenge. So, in my understanding, just a more interesting life.

For several years I have been trying to combine spending time on the beach, drinking drinks, and chatting with my friends with water sports. Egypt is a great place for water sports, and definitely for diving and kitesurfing. There is practically summer all year round, the air and the water temperature during the day is above 20 degrees or more. However, if you are cold like me, I would recommend going there in other months than January or February.


Egypt offers a lot of interesting attractions. So far, the Red Sea is one of the most interesting places for me to admire the underwater world. There are not only, just a wide variety of colorful corals and fish. First of all, there are a lot of shipwrecks (well, unlucky place). The transparency of the water is great, the visibility is about 15m downwards or more. I think it was much better than in Bali. You can check the pictures, there is really beautiful. Notice the pissed-off octopus that changed colors several times and finally said, “Get out, I’m floating away.”

I love diving! I dive into the water, swimming through tons of different-shaped, colorful organisms, and every single time (I know you might think I’m exaggerating, but I really feel it). I feel like I know what I’m living for. It is so awesome that while smiling, water pours into my mouth, and I am forced to calm down, reduce the level of euphoria so that the rest of the divers do not have to drag me to the surface.
If you have the slightest desire to try diving – do it at the earliest opportunity, I insist. You will not regret it!


You can do the entire diving course, after that, you receive Open Water Diver qualifications. These courses usually last about 3 days. If you are actually a person who has not tried diving yet but knows that they will surely like diving – it is worth starting with the course. After the course, with the OWD card, you will be allowed to dive with diving centers everywhere in the world.

However, if you would like to try diving only once because you are not sure if it is for you yet – I recommend that you check out the offer of diving schools, which also offer one-time-dive. You will do the dive one time with strict care, and you will not have to do the course.

We set off to the high seas! Generally, I don’t like speed boats, because the water pours on us, and it’s cold with the wind, but you have to survive it.

Diving equipment on the boat

Diving bottles, blue water – it gets wonderful at this sight!


In EL Gouna there are several diving centers with really different prices. I chose one of the cheaper ones. In the amount of 190 euros I had:
– skills recall day (I had a 2-year break in diving) + 1 fast boat dive
-1 day of diving (2 dives) and lunch on the boat.

The disadvantage of diving in the Red Sea is that the attractions are far from the shore, they go there in a large boat and your day is busy from 8 am – 5 pm with 2 max. 3 dives.

You can find the current prices on the website of the school I dived with: Emperor Divers.

CURIOSITY! For those who haven’t had the opportunity to dive yet, I can say right away that my photos, like most other underwater ones, are a bit fake. They are Photoshopped to get a nice effect. In the water at great depth, no one will ever see sharp, true colors without using the right light. Comparison below in the photo.

zdjęcie po i przed edycją

Underwater photo after and before color editing

I saw such views only in the coral encyclopedia as a little girl. And that’s why I’m overwhelmed by this euphoria underwater seeing them with my own eyes!

This is an octopus! Take a look! Perfect camouflage! In the water,  you should not touch living creatures and be careful not to damage the coral reef with your fins. It is easy to say – worse to implement. Especially when you have a problem with buoyancy … Like me.

And this is the same octopus, swam as soon as she saw us. Did you know that octopuses, squids, and cuttlefish are very intelligent creatures? In a way, this situation showed it.

This is the last shot of the pissed-off, floating octopus. It changed color, made sudden movements, looked at us weirdly. I swear you could feel it in the water that it was angry! : D


El Gouna has a very great place for kitesurfing. The water is shallow and the wind is calm and almost guaranteed. What’s more, there is a Polish kitesurfing school, that brings together many Poles and thus makes it a small Polish town. Very nice and convenient place for kitesurfing redseazone.com.

Kitesurfing is an activity my boyfriend got me into, as opposed to diving that I started myself. What annoys me in this sport is that it takes a long time to prepare for it. Pumping the kite, twisting the board, tying the ropes to the bar and then waiting for the wind. I am usually an impatient person and if I had to choose between diving or kitty diving, I would choose diving. However, when she’s standing on this board and the kite is dragging on the water … Damn. Also fucking!

I am a beginner kitesurfer and I had a terribly unfortunate and harmless, but terribly painful fall in Egypt. The moment the tailbone hit the seabed, the first thing I thought was, “God! How good that this time I took out insurance … “

And usually I never have it because I personally think it’s a bit like throwing money down the drain

Controlling a kite takes some time

And with such an inflated kit, the adventure begins!

The town of Red Sea Zone


Since prices are a very volatile thing, check the prices by going to the school’s website where I had lessons at the RED SEA ZONE link.

Example: 8-hour individual course – 380 EUR. After the course, you will not necessarily be able to surf freely, so you probably won’t finish learning after these 8 hours.

If you want to know more about El Gouna in Egypt, prices, hotels, etc, check my other post, Egypt Holidays in Millionaire City – El Gouna.

The town of Red Sea Zone

We’re all excited to go on holiday to some great place. If you add a hobby that you know you can do there, the holiday has a different meaning. It is more interesting, you expect them even more, and there is so much more going on. In Egypt, El Gouna is really great, relatively close to Europe, and inexpensive for water sports, which I can highly recommend.

If you can suggest any other great places to go diving or kitesurfing, be sure to let me know in the comment section. If you practice any other water sport – I would also love to find out what it is like!

~ syndrome of the lost opportunity! 🙂