Traveling with RV in Europe. What you should know about going to travel with this vehicle?


RV (recreational vehicle) known also as a motorhome or campervan. I always knew about it, I always saw it, I was always thinking is cool, but I never considered traveling by RV around Europe! [Why?! – who knows :P]

My boyfriend is a fan of cars and this year instead of going to the hot beach on New Year’s Eve we decided to change the destination. We chose to travel to cold Central Europe covered by the snow.


Tadam! There was no snow during 10 days of our 11 -days trip 😀 But about it in my next article.

We made around 3 000 km sightseeing in the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, and Slovakia.


#Renting RV in Poland

I was looking for a company to rent the car in Poland as we started our trip from my hometown. To rent a motorhome in Poland during the winter?

Wow! So hard.  I can understand it is warmer to travel with RV in the summer. However, we had a problem to find the company because:

  • one doesn’t want to rent during the winter (don’t know why),
  • the second doesn’t have cars in the winter,
  • the third has some problems….

Finally, I managed to find the company y in Łódź, where it was much easier.


#The price of the rental


The price of the rental is not cheap. We choose one of the cheapest version, and it cost 90 EUR/ day. We wanted to have everything working during the cold winter we were disappointed (about how many important things weren’t working you will find in cons).

If you plan to travel to an expensive destination with more than 2 people I think it is definitely worth it. We didn’t really calculate how much we would spend

1) going by normal car and renting hotels and

2) traveling with RV and paying for camping.

More or less it would be the same, but the comfort of traveling – priceless.




There are many applications which help to find camping or parking for caravans. We were using park4night.

Campings are totally different from each other conditions.  Some parking are free without facilities. Some places are ok with basic stuff (toilets, showers),  but we found also the ones with fancy bathrooms, hairdryers, stores, washing machines fresh bread delivery, Wi-Fi, pool, etc.

That the fanciest ones and expensive was in Austria ~ 50 euros/ day and the cheapest in Italy ~ 18 euros.

Some camping you can enter 24h a day, some are closed at 10 pm.

In Austria, there were spots for us without reservation, but there were almost full. In other countries, we fit easily, but I guess during the summer is better to do reservations, if you only know what are your plans.


# Pros of Traveling with RV in Europe

  • During this 11 days holiday, we never slept in one place for more than one night. We were changing it every day. I really loved that we didn’t need to collect our stuff every morning checking out from the hotel. It saved our time, energy and cost of the things which we would forget from the hotel. Making the round trip and sleeping in the hotel I guess would be very tiring. That was amazing to be every day in a different country, eating different food, admiring the different landscape, and hear different language making every day just a couple of hundreds of kilometers.
  • Breakfasts and dinners we were having in the motorhome. What we bought one’s in the supermarket we put into the fridge, and we didn’t need to eat it fast, worried it can go bad. We had it every day fresh, ready to eat.
  • You drive, you stop, and you are already at home. No need to look for a hotel, no need to check in, unpack everything you have. You can stop into the wild, and you have everything you need.
  • We could work from the car. As my boyfriend is working remotely, and I develop my online business, a motorhome can become for us a real home! Just stop in front of the beautiful mountains or marvelous beaches. Like from a dream.



#Cons of Traveling with RV in Europe

  • Sometimes it’s difficult to park in the city center. Of course, depends on where you are and how are the rules. Is Usually like this: you park the car somewhere in the camping, which is never in the city center, and then you go with public transportation to the spots you want to see. Of course, unless you don’t have a motorbike in the trunk of the caravan. We didn’t have it but If we would – it would be just a perfect solution! Totally independent holidays! We didn’t travel with motorhome in Spain yet, but in many places, there are just marked “forbidden to enter with caravan” or “forbidden to park for caravans”.

The other cons which we had was only because there was winter, and we were unlucky…


  • The heating stopped working on the 3rd day. We didn’t know what was wrong, we kept contacting the renting company, but they weren’t able to help us. It doesn’t matter that I prepared many blankets for this trip. Imagine that you feel ok under the blanket while sleeping but your nose, ears are cold and the air which you’re breathing is freezing your throat. I was afraid we will be suffocated when we covered our faces, but it was a better choice than got frozen :D.

I was preparing hot fruit tea with cherry vodka every day (Polish best one! 😀 ). It was warming us up very fast, but after a few days we had enough of that flavor. We bought an electric heater to survive but later and later temperature outside was lower and lower and our cold was worse and worse 😛




  • So! When heating wasn’t working, water started freezing and leaking through the security system. We had no heating, no water, generally a bit shitty situation. We had to take showers in the camping which were always with bathrooms but still It wasn’t nice to walk after the shower outside when it was -5, even it wasn’t far from the car.

The problem with the water started almost at the end of our trip. When we heard that the weather forecast shows -17 degrees during the night we decided to cut our trip and come back to Poland.


Our situation was an extreme one, but It will not make us give up traveling by motorhome during the winter. We had fun in the cold RV anyway! Experience with motorhome was really great, and I loved that.  Moreover, I truly believe in the summer is even more exciting. You don’t need heating, not really hot water, so you can park in random places, in the forest or coast. You can do also BBQ outside, jump to the sea directly from the door, meet people which just parked near your car in the camping… That’s awesome! You should experience that. Please, go at least once, you will see!

Traveling with RV is awesome! 🙂