Public transportation, taxi or maybe own borrowed vehicle?

Firstly be aware that very bad conditions roads in Bali are always crowded.


In my opinion, the best idea, if you travel alone with partner or friends.



That’s the most popular way of transportation in Bali of locals and foreigners. Scooter rental should cost less than 60 USD (800k IDR )/ month (of course you can rent even daily, but remember to always bargain 🙂

Yes, true it’s not much. Well…. it is a paradise, doesn’t it? 🙂

With a scooter, you can park easily and smartly miss annoying traffic jam.

Don’t you have driving licence?  Who cares…. 🙂

Moreover, petrol is very cheap, we usually had a full tank from 0.8 to 1.5 USD (11- 20 k IDR), and it was enough for around 100 km. It depends on where you put if it is official petrol station (which of course is better) or from the bottle in the local store.


You can meet 3 types of taxi:

Private – unmarked, the most expensive. Drivers usually call tourists from the street. That’s convenient if you are going -from and -to the airport. Why? Because you can take WhatsApp from them and arrange the exact time. I can give you contact for a friendly private taxi driver, if you are interested, just contact me.

Public – marked, blue, cheaper you can catch them on the street. Don’t try to order a taxi through the phone. Theoretically, this is possible, we tried and we were almost late for our flight. It doesn’t work. Fare usually starts from 0.6 USD (8 k IDR), and then around 0.3 USD  (4k IND) per kilometre.

UBER – the cheapest and in my experience the most convenient. Very popular and good developed in Bali. Drivers have a problem to enter the airport but the rest area works very well. (

The difference in prices between a private taxi and Uber is huge, almost double. After discovering Uber in Bali we never used private taxi again.



3. CAR

That’s an option for traveling with a group for a long distance with luggage (longer than 1.5 hours). We used this option just once when our 3 friends visited us in Bali and we wanted to see a few places on our way. It is very difficult to find a place to park in the city because most of them are adjusted for scooters.

Indonesian offered us:

15, 5 USD (225k IDR) per day/ 5 people car.

26 USD (350k IDR) per day/ 7 people car.




I don’t recommend.

Public transportation exists but It’s not good developed. In Bali, there are not many bus stops, and they go quite rarely. That’s a reason why no one never suggested me to use buses there. This kind of transportation uses mostly locals. Personally, I have never seen and never heard some foreigners used bus before 😛 Definitely I suggest you to give up from this way of transportation.

Anyway if you are stubborn you can find here some information about buses.


No, Bali is too extensively, and touristic cities too, you should have a vehicle to travel. I guess you are not coming to Bali to be only in one place 🙂