The best applications for traveling I would not imagine any trip without.

TOP 13!


Lately, my friend wrote me a message:
– I am going to Barcelona and I have to find some cheap accommodation. Do you have someone there who would know a cheap hostel?
– Hmmm, I know something better πŸ™‚
It was definitely the moment when I realized that I have to make my readers aware of what applications would make their lives easier during their holidays.

I’m going to introduce you to some of the best travel applications which I would not imagine traveling and planning it. Thanks to that, sightseeing, moving around, communication and a lot more are way easier. I use them every time I go on a journey.


1. Flight tickets:


#Skyscanner β€” the website I use the most. It finds the cheapest flights from any to any place, in a quick and easy way.

#Holiday Pirates I use the application on the mobile, which is the most convenient. Holiday pirates can send you notifications for the best deals from your country (Spain, Poland, UK, USA, etc.) The offers are really cool, very often you can pay half of the price for the tickets.


2. Accommodation:



#Hostelworld β€” On this web, we can find and book a cheap hostel which in most cases is cheaper than the hotel. What is the difference between a hostel and a hotel? A hostel usually has rooms with several beds and you share a room with traveling companions. Thanks to that it is cheaper and more interesting πŸ™‚ I use it when I travel alone or with up to 1 friend. β€” the website for searching the hotels. This is a good web if you are traveling with your partner, children or just want to have quiet peace of mind.



Β #AirBnB β€” for some it’s still an unknown site: P Imagine you have a spare room in your apartment or just empty flat. Thanks to this company you can rent it to tourists. They are happy because they have a bit cheaper accommodation than the hotel (depends on where you are going) and you are happy because you have money from not used space :). That’s how it works. I, while traveling with my boyfriend, always search AirBnB at first. Safe, comfortable and satisfying.



#Couchsurfing β€” Option for young and brave, not only for accommodation πŸ™‚ It’s not just about staying overnight, but also about meeting new people. Imagine that in the living room you have a free sofa. You make in your profile “an offer” for the tourists staying overnight at your place. The tourist can send you requests for overnight accommodation. There are profiles of the people, their references so you can judge whether a person is cool and you will be happy to spend time with her or him. I have used this app many times, met many great people and never felt in danger. Accommodation is free here.


3. After arrival


#Google Maps β€” Obvious πŸ™‚ Shows in which direction to go, how long does it take going on foot and it usually includes some interesting places on the way that you might not know about.



#Tripadvisor β€” you do not know where to eat? Go to Tripadvisor and It will show you different types of restaurants in the area you are. People which were there before you, rated those places so you can check it and be sure that food there will be not awful. I use this most often just to find places to eat and places to visit/spend time, although there are also options to find hotels and flights.

#Couchsurfing β€” And again CouchSurfing πŸ™‚ Traveling alone and missing a companion? Or maybe you have a companion, but you do not know the place and you are looking for some local who will show you the place? That’s why the world has this. Write to people on this app. Mostly nice and open β€” minded guys who will gladly show you the city or simply go with you for coffee, beer or a party πŸ™‚



#XE currency β€” if you are in a country where the currency is weird to you and you do not want to do complicated math calculations every time, XE currency is just right for you. You write a price in a foreign currency and will automatically convert it to the currency in which you have a better comparison.Ex 20 CNY = 11 PLN


#GoogleTranslate β€” a dictionary. It did not work as I wanted only in China: D You type the phrase in any language and translate it into any other language. Standard. Very useful in Asian countries, where English is not as popular as in Europe, and we do not learn so often Indonesian like for example Spanish.



#Splitwise β€” This application is useful when you are traveling with friends to share expenses. You add to the app what you paid for and the application automatically splits it evenly between co-travel. Great for our Mongol Rally trip πŸ™‚


#Uber β€” it’s a private taxi. Not everywhere you can find the enough number of the cars, but it’s worth checking out as you are on a trip and need a carriage. Through the application, you can order the car to where you are standing. It is always cheaper than a local taxi. The transportation is paid through the application, so the payment is safe, convenient and non-cash.


#Google Photos β€” an application that automatically loads the photos you have made on your trip to your own online profile, visible only for you. (Best set to load when connected to wifi). If you lose your phone, you will lose your photos in any other way β€” pics will always be there. Pictures can be loads also through the computer so its good place to keep them. Is the album also the best memorabilia for you? Don’t loose photos and use this application.


#Skype / WhatsApp / WeChat/ Messenger β€” communicators πŸ™‚ WeChat I recommend when going to China. It is their own β€œFacebook”, no censorship, easy to use.

Are they any other applications you use while traveling and I didn’t write it here? Please share it in the comment! πŸ™‚