The Benefits of a Remote Job That

You’ve Never Heard Of

I have been working remotely for 5 years. The reason for this decision was something less obvious to me than being able to travel. It was a solution for living in a small village in Spain, where there were no jobs for me. After the first month, I noticed that the idea of working outside the office has many more advantages than I thought. Here are the benefits of remote work that you’ve never heard of.


Let’s illustrate this with an example. You do not always have to live in the USA, the Netherlands, or Great Britain to receive salaries in the local standards and that currency. You can live in Poland or Thailand and spend less on life and enjoyment than the country your employer comes from. In this way, we can afford more, save more, and simply live with dignity.


New York




Hong Kong

Hong Kong


You can work from your home in a remote village, your parents’ house, your boyfriend’s house, or any cheaper neighborhood where you don’t have to pay crazy money to buy or rent your place. You can save a lot of money by not paying the rent, and often the rent is as high as the basic living costs. This way, you can raise funds for your dream home, travel, or things that you don’t need, but It is fun to have or do it. Better car, beer keg, dance course, jacuzzi, hair removal laser, hyaluronic acid injections for women in their thirties … 🙂 And this way you can save for a decent life.

urzadzenia do pielegnacji urody


If we work from home, we don’t spend money on transport and we don’t waste time getting to the office. During the pandemic, many of us could find out about it. Have you also discovered how differently you can use this 1-hour ride in a traffic jam? You can do morning training, read a newspaper, a book, cook something healthy and tasty, do laundry or make a face mask. What who prefers! Commuting is simply a waste of our free time.

working from the bed with laptop

Somewhere in Colombia at the digital nomad camp

w czasie treningu

Morning training while traveling is always done, but not always in comfortable conditions 🙂


If you can save an hour or more a day for commuting, we can take care of ourselves. My routine is to wake up from Monday to Friday around 7.00 and do training with Polish fitness girl Ewa Chodakowska. I have been exercising regularly for 5 years and  Skalpel Wyzwanie video (the Scalpel Challenge) is my favorite program. Right after that, I take a shower and I am ready to work from 8.30 am. If I had to get up at five in the morning to do my training and get to work, it would probably be hard. Exercises with the shower and breakfast take me about 1.5 hours, and I do sit down to work without meeting the standards of being in the office.

Sometimes I start working, wearing a mask and a bathrobe so that the skin absorbs the oils and the heated cap on the hair will help the conditioner to achieve better results. For some women, this can be a huge advantage. The key is taking care of yourself regularly, not once in a while.

Pracujac z maseczka na twarzy

I am working and the mask is working!

bieganie nad morzem

Jogging at the seaside

And you can find time to visit a friend and a beautician in one


Some of you may think that working from home is not productive. Personally, I think it’s a matter of practice and habit.

When I compare my work efficiency in the office and at home, I have no doubts. It’s much easier for me to focus and work from home! I have no co-workers, so I don’t waste time talking to them. When I’m uncomfortable at my desk, I get up, stretch for a few seconds, and go to work from the sofa. I’m cold, I cover myself with a blanket, I don’t have to tire of high heels, although I like them very much. When I’m comfortable, I just do better.

working online

I find it most comfortable to work at a desk

praca na laptopie

But I also often work from bed

pracujÄ…c online

Or from the sofa under the blanket when I visit my sisters in cold England!


In my opinion, nutrition is really important not only for our shape but also to a great extent for our health. During the lunch break, you can cook yourself a healthy meal and eat some healthy snacks in the meantime. There is no need to pack them in lunch boxes, bags, boxes, etc. It also takes time and planning.

Usually, I spend an hour on my lunch break. During this time, I cook some simple dishes in a bigger amount so that It will last for 2 days. I do this because:

1) I like to eat healthy

2) I love to cook.

Cooking is a great pastime for me to mentally relax. Another advantage is that if your partner also works remotely, you can have those half an hour eating for yourself. Even if the weather is nice, you can have a barbecue for lunch during a working day. Almost like an hour of holiday during an hour break from work.

You can make a morning porridge with Colombian papaya without rushing

healthy breakfast

Or a more caloric breakfast, when we plan to snowboard in Szczyrk (Polish mountain town)  after a few hours of work


Or just get used to healthy snacks at home


By working remotely, you can visit your loved ones for days or even weeks and keep everything as normal. You don’t have to take a vacation, and you don’t have to force anyone to take it for your sake!

I prefer to live in a sunny country, although I cannot imagine that I would visit Poland only twice a year. My family is there, my best buddies, girlfriends, neighbors, mom’s dumplings are waiting for me in the freezer, my hairdresser, my room …
So I can live in Spain, Argentina or Thailand and visit Poland without having to take a vacation.
Working from the family home, parents will always be somewhere nearby. My sisters and nieces live in the UK, so working online also makes it perfect for me to visit them. Well, unless we have covid, but that’s a different story …

With a remote job, I have a bit more opportunities to visit my family

Sometimes I can even be a nanny for my lovely niece


This is an obvious reason. If your employer doesn’t mind that you work in a different time zone, that’s even better. You can work from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and then enjoy your evenings on other continents. After work, you can learn salsa in Colombia, visit Buenos Aires, plan Machu Picchu for the next day, or dive in the Philippines. I love exploring new places, that’s why remote work is the best thing that could happen to me in my professional life!

And finally, it is not necessary to rent a flat in London or Warsaw in frosty January, because you can spend this month, two or three in warm Mexico, on the beach, or skiing in Italy. And if your destiny is not there, you can always find some interesting places around you.

For example, I found out that Polish mountains like Tatras or Sudetes are really cool, and we can have a great time there. I decided to travel around the country while having difficulties going abroad during Covid-19 restrictions. There are always nice places to discover.

This flexibility of working online is a perfect fit for people looking to explore the world.


Little Village – La Iglesuela, Spain

Kullaberg, Szwecja

Kullaberg National Park, Sweden

 Huashan Mountains, China

Pustynia A

Atacama Desert, Chile

Machu Picchu, Peru

Blue water beach

Bali, Indonesia


Eight hours of work from home and office really make a difference.

While working from home, we have our own desk, bed, and sofa. We can change the working position as often as we need and wear comfortable clothes in which we feel comfortable and warm.

After work, I am physically rested, I feel the need to move and leave the house. I go for a bike, run, Zumba, learn salsa, meet friends, learn Spanish, etc. The list can be endless because it’s time to pursue the hobby. There is no need to rest after working from home. You can just enjoy life after work!

Wine tasting in Buenos Aires on a digital nomad’s camp

Cycling in Spain

PijÄ…c mate w Buenos Aires

Drinking mate after work in Buenos Aires

During the pandemic, many of us learned about the benefits of working from home, but I also know a few who don’t like it. I believe that you need to adapt to remote work, create an action plan and conditions.

One thing is certain, however. Traveling to the office is a financial cost, a waste of time, energy, and even has a negative impact on the natural environment. For me, remote work is one of the best things that has happened to me in my life. Life is our adventure and it is worth making an interesting episode of it.

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