I have been working remotely already 1.5 year and the reason of getting this job was something less obvious than the possibility to travel. It was a way to live with my boyfriend in small village in Spain, where there were no vacancies. After the first month working remotely I noticed that there is are much more advantages in non – office position than I thought.



Let’s give an example. You live in Spain but the salary there is not that high like in USA (in general). Working remotely from Spain you can have employer from USA and get higher salary = you have better life in Spain.


We can save a lot of money by not paying rental! You can work from your house, apartment, or even house of your parents located in the small village. In this way you collect money for the house of your dreams, traveling or stuff which you don’t need to have, but just makes you happy. Better camera, beer keg, Jacuzzi or even this home laser device for depilation! 😀



If you work from home  you don’t spend your money for transportation and you don’t waste your time for getting to the office. Do you know how much you could do during this 1 hour being in the traffic? You could do training in the morning or just sleep longer!

You don’t spend time to get ready and looking decent to the office. You can start working with towel on your hair and mask on your face (like I do).


If you save time you can take care of yourself. My routine is to wake up Monday – Friday at 7.30 working out for 50 minutes, take shower, and I am ready to work from 9.00. If I would have to wake up at 5 AM to work out and get to the office, I would not work out.

Often I start to work wearing only underwear because my skin after shower has to absorb oil and heating cap on my head helps the conditioner to make my hair stronger! :D.



Some of you probably thought that working from home is not productive. When I compare my productivity from the office job and home… I am much more creative at home! I don’t have colleagues, so I am not losing time talking to them. When I feel uncomfortable at my desk I just stand up, stretch for a few seconds and I go to work from sofa. When I feel comfy, I do better job!


You can eat what you cook during your lunch break. Is huge advantage if you want to keep special diet or eat healthy.

I have one hour lunch break. I cook during this time because

  1. I have to eat and
  2. I love to cook.

In addition, cooking is a great break for me to mentally have a rest.  Another advantage is that if your partner works remotely you have this half an hour with him while eating and If there is nice weather – > you can even make BBQ for lunch like we used to do in Spain!


I don’t want to live in Poland, I prefer sun. Even though I cannot imagine to not visit my country often. My family is there, my best friends are there, my moms food is waiting for me in refrigerator,  my hairdresser…

So in my case I can live in Spain, and visit my country without taking holidays for weeks.

I work from my hometown and my parents are around. I have sisters and nieces in UK. Working remotely you can visit your relatives for long time and keep everything ordinary. You don’t need to take holidays and you don’t force anyone to take them because of you!


That is obvious reason. If your employer doesn’t mind that you are working in different time zone – you are lucky. You can work 9-5 and then enjoy evenings in another continents. I am  travel lover so remote job is best what could happen to me in my professional life!


So I work from home, I have my desk, my bed, my sofa, I am changing position to work from the most comfortable position for me. After work, I am just physically rested and I want to move. I go to zumba, salsa classes, shopping, meeting my friends, having fun cooking, learning Spanish. You just can enjoy your life after work! You don’t need to have a rest after work.

I still don’t understand why employers which hire people and  which could work remotely hire for the office. It saves money, time, energy, is even better for natural environment! About employee satisfaction and gratefulness I will not even mention… Working remotely is one of the best thing in the world!