Continuation of description our adventured trip with the motorhome ( you can find here).

6 countries, 11 days, 3 000 km, different languages, different food, another culture. Visitation in European cities!


Unknown country for me. We have been only in Malibor, so I can say just a little bit. City, is nice, but I think there is no need to go there, only to see Malibor.  Whole Slovenia has only around 2 millions habitants, so Malibor was very empty! I am the person which like places where is always “something to do” and I think I would get depressed living in such quiet city. Especially after being in China 1,5 year.

Language sounds a bit like polish, even I could get single words, but we couldn’t understand each other. Moreover we expected some local currency in this “cheap country”. There was euro and was more expensive than we thought – suprise.

What we didn’t know too, Is that Slovenia is familiar with producing white wine. We even went for wine tasting and I was so shocked! Usually I am picky for the taste but there, 100% samples I loved. According to the girl which was serving us “wine is cheap, you can already buy from 10 euros”. In Spain the prices of good wine starts from 2 euros. Ok, this Slovenian one is the winner, but it’s still few times more.