A pretty long, 6-hour, one-day trip from El Gouna (about Egyptian nice city by the Red Sea you can read here)  to Cairo. The pollution of the air there is a nightmare! I lived in China for 1.5 years in the “valley” where electronics are produced on the largest scale, but I have never, never and nowhere seen such pollution as in Cairo! See these photos! Layers of the pollution are visible at a glance!



In the beginning, we visited the Museum of Egypt … Museum like a museum, I always get bored with them:P

A cruise on the Nile cost me an extra 10 euros. Just before entering the boat, a metal barrel floating on the water greeted me (photo). Rubbish floats on the river, the visibility is max. 300 meters. After 10 minutes I was bored to be there. My idea of a beautiful Nile was ruined. I would not dive there 😛



Did you think that the Pyramids are in the middle of the desert? Me too. As you can see in the pictures you can see them already leaving Cairo, surrounded by a poor and dirty neighborhood. Cars are coming under the pyramids, plastic bags are flying, there is garbage on the sand, empty bottles, you can even eat a pizza at a nearby Pizza Hut. This is one of the 7 wonders of the world: D In addition, I was hustled by the guide by money for the camel ride to the viewpoint of the 3 pyramids located 200 meters away. Honestly, I did not know exactly what I am paying for another 10 euros, the guide did not explain exactly what will be there. What I heard was: pyramids, camels, cool pictures – so I said YES. At the end of the camel ride, the man who was driving it – spoke

– Give a tip, give a tip – and I say that I do not have any more cash – thinking “Dude! I paid 10 euro for this ride, in Morocco it costs 1 euro and you are still asking for a tip? No way! Consider my thoughts freely, but I really do not like conman: P

I am glad that I had the opportunity to see these pyramids, but the second time I will not go there, supporting the decision of my boyfriend who was already in Cairo a few years ago and said he did not want to go there a second time 😀