A few days ago one journalist from the famous newspaper wrote to me asking about our adventure Mongol Rally. He gave me one question:

-Do you have any fears about Mongol Rally? If yes, what is this?

I reminded in that moment what I have found one day on the website www.theadventurists.com, organizer of Mongol Rally:


Do we have fears? Are we afraid of sth? Of course! A lot!


# Fear No 1. Politics.

The biggest one is probably a visa issue, specifically a visa to Uzbekistan. We applied to come and leave between 4-18 August. And we have to be there at this time because these are the requirements of Uzbekistan. Our plan is that we will come there on 6 August and spend 3 nights. Everything will be ok if our plan will not fail … Unfortunately, there are more chances that we will be there later, rather than earlier. The reason we do not have “safe” dates on this visa was simply unawareness. If we do not manage to leave Uzbekistan on time, we will have to pay up to 2,000 USD fine or deportation. If we do not pass the border on time, I do not know … Maybe we just leave the Żuk in a remote place and cross the border of Uzbekistan through the mountain peaks. We will have still 2 thousand in our pockets or a week without detention in case of deportation. Ha!

# Fear No 2. Pamir Highway

Apparently the most beautiful route for people traveling in Central Asia and one of the most dangerous in the world. The highway has no in common with our European highways. It’s a dirt road and supposedly there are places where the river is just on the left, and the gulf on the right… it is scared, even more, knowing that we are going there with not a small car but bigger Żuk … I have already planned that on dangerous spots we will do a lottery, one person will be driving the car, and 3 will be following just behind the car. If the car will fall into the abyss, 3 lives are saved: D.



# Fear No 3. The car

I’m also afraid that Żuk will break down somewhere in the wilderness and we will not be able to fix it. Then we will have to take all the luggage from the car and walk in the heat … And the woman like me, can not take one shirt for a month and a half. I’ll have to carry whole of my  stuff, I will get tired and sweaty and I will look ugly in the pictures: D

# Fear No 3. Health / Life

And what will help our insurance? We will be somewhere in the Mongolian desert hundreds of kilometers from civilization, zero access to the medical help. Our VIP insurance will don’t give a shit about us…


What is interesting I asked our team what they are is afraid of. I was pretty shocked how was the answers:

  • nothing, (Israel) 😀
  • getting killed at the Afghanistan border, (Briony)
  • jumping Russian in front of our car and then blackmailing us for money, (Briony)
  • breaking down in the middle of nowhere and running out of the water, (Briony)
  • getting abducted by Taliban, (Joseph)

Yes, the situations I described – of course – may occur, but these are extreme situations. I am not afraid to lose my life or health or totally I am not afraid of the Taliban :D. Anyway, I would even worry more if something would happen to Israel rather than with me: P Threats in the journey make it more interesting and extravagant. Such an expeditions I love! 🙂

And an article from online polish newspaper coming soon! 🙂

Thanks 🙂