Something different than all the hot Balinese beaches.  I recommend the trip there to  experience another style of entertainment and relax. The view is marvelous!




Mount Batur  is a volcano at the same time. It i s situated on the north-eastern part of island and is 1717 m above sea level, it is still active volcano, its  last eruption was in 2000.  I went there from Ubud and it seems is the most convinient and the closest touristic city to sleep before trip. To get there takes 1,5 hour.

The most wonderful view is during the sunrise, that’s why most of the tourists go there at night.

We started our trip at 2.30 a.m. when the taxi driver pick us up from home. At 4 a.m. we got already there. We thought that we would have a huge challenge to climb in the darkness to the volcano. Having our national flag in our backpacks it was like slapping in our checks when we saw crowded car park with many people getting ready to go on the top.



      Well…more people is still heaving a beer in Ubud instead come here, right? -we were trying keep our extitation as much as we could.

Average time to go on the top takes 2 hours. Level of hardness? You can be tired on the way but I am sure you will mange. Way is not dangerous, maybe a bit uncomfortable. There are many small stones which are moving while you go up. I had just simple sneackers and I felt small stones under my feet. If you have trekking shoes for sure they will be more convenient.

Sunrise with view on Batur Lake and Agung Mountain looked beautifully .You should see it. We were admiring it  around 30 min.


Jeśli będziesz na Bali nie bądź leniem! Powinieneś to zobaczyć!



Attractions wasn´t over! On Batur there are a lot of monkeys! I wanted to give them a banana by calling one of them sitting on the roof. When he suddenly started to come, closer I got scared and start running away. Not far, maybe 2 steps because I felt down on the first rock. I stood up quickly, monkey was still sitting on the roof looking at me with face like ¨OMG, are you fucking nuts, lady?!¨ And the tourists and the monkey had fun with the show.




Sure, they were not dangerous at all. They wait for food if they see that we have it in our hands, but they didn’t jump on us and they werent doing anything what could be dangerous for us. And they are very smart. When one monkey got an Oreo, he opened it first, ate cream and then started to eat biscuits. Like a human!


Even though usually there is many people going up and torches which they will carry will draw you a way from down till top. It is still, in my opinion, safer to have a guide.

Miałam zwykle tenisówki i czułam skały pod stopami. Jeśli będziesz mieć buty do wspinaczki, na pewno będzie Ci bardziej komfortowo.


Usually, when you will ask private taxi drivers for such tour, they will organise everything.

The best idea is to collect more tourists to share expenses. You can find them for example on facebook local groups/ couchsurfing. The cost (from Ubud) in 7 people was 300k IDR

Na Bali jest również mnóstwo punktów turystycznych, gdzie bez problemu możesz zapytać się o taka wyprawę. Nigdy jednak nie plac ceny z ulotki. ZAWSZE NEGOCJUJ CENY!

Jeśli masz ochotę na nieco dłuższa wyprawę możesz wejść na górę po południu, aby zobaczyć zachód słońca, przespać się w namiocie i wstać rano na wschód słońca. Unikaj dni  deszczowych. Sezon deszczowy jest zwykle od października do marca, ale że pogoda bywa jak kobieta, nigdy nie wiadomo gdzie (i za co!) piorun przypierdzielii. Wystarczy sprawdzić pogodę 2 dni wcześniej i nie kierować się zbytnio sezonami:)

Baw się dobrze i nie zapomnij wziąć kilka bananów dla małpek!