It is time to calculate all expenses of Mongol Rally.

When we were buying the car, paying for visas and the rest of the stuff I have already felt it will be not a cheap trip.

During traveling, four of us, Polish My Sausage was paying usually one bill. We were adding the costs to one application which was splitting evenly for each of us. (Here you can find top 13 applications convenient while traveling). 

The sum was including expenses:

  • of the car
  • engine changing,
  • spare parts for the car, tools,
  • payment for participation in Mongol Rally,
  • in restaurants,
  • in the hotels,
  • at the garage,
  • in the petrol stations, etc.

At the end of the rally, application showed that we spent 12 500 USD together so it is

# 2611 € per 1 person.


But those are only our common expenses….

We paid separately for:




Depends on the nationality costs may vary.

  • Turkey 17 ,
  • Azerbaijan –  51 €,
  • Turkmenistan -112 €
  • Uzbekistan – 58 invitation letter + 70 visa
  • Tajikistan – 76
  • Mongolia – 70
  • Russia – 30 invitation letter, (15 each. We had to buy 2 invitation letters because the first one was not the one for our type of visa) + 45 €. (Here you can find how difficult was to apply for visa to Russia).

 # 529€  per 1 person.



  • tents,
  • sleeping bags,
  • camping kitchen accessories, etc.

#117€ per person.



TOTAL COST OF MONGOL RALLY: 4 030 € per person.


Unfortunately, remember that we didn’t get to Mongolia, we finished it 2 weeks before we planned – in Kazakhstan.

I would say that It is possible to travel on this rally cheaper. Less nights in the hotels, looking for cheaper restaurants or more cooking on our own. However, traveling with the group requires a compromise, not just the way you want to. We didn’t spend money crazily but as well we didn’t save very much.

On such journey, It is hard to predict what kind of extra costs can meet you. It is definitely better not to go on Mongol Rally with limited funds. It’s not trip on a budget. Definitely not. You should have at least 1 000 euro more than you plan to spend.

What was surprising for me on rally? Members in the age of 19 -20 which had no problem to find such money – studying. I don’t know it was from their parents, or earn by themselves – I didn’t ask, it is not my business. Me, at the age of 20 I had to save money to go to the sea in my country. That’s why I am jealous. The young people and already after such adventure :). We are all born equal but in different conditions.

Different country, different money. Germany, UK – good destination to earn money for our dreams. I was always saying that emmigration is great and Mongol Rally awesome adventure! 🙂


How much did you spend on Mongol Rally? More / less? Write in the comment, I am curious!