Dive city by the black-sand beach and jumping dolphins. That’s my description in one sentence.


If you want to spend your time on the beautiful beach with blue water – don´t go to Lovina. I enjoyed more being in swimming pool in the hotel than on the black sand where I felt like a fried egg. The sand is extremely hot, you cannot walk there without shoes. Big plus is that there is no waves so you can swim easily in the sea.

Why is still worth coming to Lovina?



Attraction number one; There are many organized trips by boats taking you ¨incredible romantic experience seeing jumping dolphins on the wonderful sunrise background¨. Good marketing, but they will not include information that apart from your boat, there will be around 100 more following those mammals. Tourist are coming from everywhere, even from Denpasar, city on the opposite side of Bali.

We saw sunrise, then a traffic jam on the water.
No boat was moving, just waiting. Waiting….waiting…waiting….
Someone shout:
There! On the left.
From that moment everybody was going as fast as possible. I was sorry about those poor dolphins. They even didn´t have enough space to jump. Later, when many boats left we could see a bit more but still not like locals described it.
Anyway we had fun. Apparently they didn´t give good performance at that day. We weren´t that lucky but hopefully you will be. You can see a beautiful sunrise and then have fun looking out for dolphins 100m away then further when it will jump just next your boat!
If you will have a chance- go to see them but be aware it is not like in the movies 🙂



Wow! That was great! After watching dolphins we went to special place on the sea to go snorkeling and there was just one, our boat. My first look on the reef was still from the air through incredible clear water. I thought yeah! Cool! I put flippers, mask ready to jump into and.. I chickened out. We were very far from the land but in some spots there was only 1.5 meters deep, sea floor was covered with the marine life, some of them hard like a stone.
Oh…If I would break one coral, fishes will be pissed off and they will bite me! – I said.
You are stupid – Israel summed.
I jumped.




Down there was a totally different world, a sea world. Amazing variety of corals, which I was afraid to touch, colorful fishes like I have never seen before. People! I felt like in a Little Mermeid! 😀 I was swimming – smiling, really it was fantastic!
That mask is not very comfortable, to be honest but don´t care about it. Just admire!


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Lovina is prepared to receive tourists but it is not a crowded and noisy place. It is a nice town to have a rest and relax heaving a cheap food and drinks. The meal in most of the restaurants is around 20k – 80k IDR (1.5 USD – 6 USD). Obviously Asian is the cheapest and western is the most exclusive dish here.

Trip from Lovina = sunrise, dolphin watching, snorkeling, we paid 225k IDR (16 USD)/ person. It takes around 3-4 hours, snorkeling mask provided. Ask in your hotel if they organize it, if not everywhere is many tourist services which can do it. They will call you many times, for sure 🙂