Here’s Laria.

Laria is the child of two nationalities, she has a Polish mother, Kurdish father and lives in the United Kingdom. Probably, the girl still does not realize how lucky she is because she communicates without any problem in 3 languages. It is easy for her to speak fluently not only in English but also Polish and Kurdish. She is a 6-year-old girl who I envy British accent and correctness in speech.
I remember once when I took Lara from school in the UK. My niece was rude and the teacher was explaining to her how to behave. Yay! I was ashamed because I had to concentrate to understand the British accent! Laria was playing with her fingers and it seemed that she understood everything perfectly …

So what is the story?
It began with the emigration of her parents. My sister – Laria’s mother went to the United Kingdom after her study over 10 years ago. It was the same with her dad. A Polish woman met Kurdish man and because of that 3-language national Larinka was created :).

Laria goes to an English school, so she studies and plays with children in this language as well. When she comes to Poland she speaks Polish. She has no problem in communication with family, she plays in Polish and talks with her grandparents in Polish. When she goes to Kurdistan or meets Kurds in Great Britain – she speaks Kurdish. When her mother does not understand Kurdish, she translates it into Polish and what is funny, but true, sometimes helps her mother in English.

Did she pay with her childhood to know 3 languages in 6 years? – NO
No fun? – No
Foreign language lessons? – No
Intelligence from parents? – No.
Genius? – No.
Came naturally? – YES.

Her parents communicated with each other in English from her birth. My sister spoke to her in Polish, her father in Kurdish, and Laria absorbed all three languages without pain.

Small Laria in Kurdish dress

In your case, did you have to spend a lot of time and effort learning a foreign language? Or maybe you’re still learning? Can you imagine how easy it would be for you if you knew at least one foreign language from a small kid?
I am a freelancer and I know that working remotely you can earn very good money, but – first of all – you need to know English. You can earn a European salary and live for example in cheap Asian paradise. Well, I do not need to talk about the benefits of speaking foreign languages …

What if your parents would speak to you in a different language, send you to a multilingual school, play foreign-language cartoons or just send to a language school? In the past, It was not so easy, lack of internet, materials, possibilities, but today it is different.

Unfortunately, many people do not understand this yet.

Example from Poland:

A friend of mine once looked for a way/school to learn English for a 3-year-old daughter. Below this question on the forum flew innumerable negative comments. They were writing that the child is too small to not take away her childhood, that the parents are monsters …

Example from abroad:

– Polish?!? Why my kid would need Polish ?! (Polish mother, Brazilian father, place of residence – UK)
-Spanish?! Why do my daughters need Spanish when we live in Germany? (German mother, Spanish father – place of residence – Germany).
– English?! After all, if I send a child to an English-language school, it will be difficult for me to help with homework because I do not know English. (Spanish mother, Spanish father, place of residence – Spain).

In my opinion, parents who do not teach children a foreign language from an early age limit its development and do not make their life easier as they might think.
Living in a country where most of the people speak a different language than your native or having a partner from another country is certainly easier to teach your child another language. However, this is not necessary. We can do it also in our country of origin where everyone speaks our native language and both parents speak the same language.

My last conversation with Laria.
– Auntie, do you know what language I study at school?
– No! Say!
– Chinese!
Probably after half a year of learning in kindergarten, she will speak better Chinese than I did after a year and a half of living in China …

I have heard many negative things about emigration but I love emigration! It is great because (in this case) it allows children a better start with foreign languages. In the moment when we don’t emigrate, we should still teach kids from the beginning because THIS IS the easiest way for them.
I will do everything for my child to not spend as much time as I did for learning English. Polish and English – it will be a piece of cake for him/her. And daddy’s language too :).

Laria is 6 years old, speaks 3 languages and has learned them naturally. Let’s teach children foreign languages. Let’s have kids like Laria 🙂

I am curious what opinion do you have about it. Do you agree with me or do you have a different view?