In my opinion, Bali is an island definitely worth to see. I chose a few reasons to tell you why you should go there. This place is not only beautiful, it has a not repeatable culture. Bali has a soul!

1. Wonderful crystal- water beaches

Imagine, You are coming to the blue, incredibly transparent water until your neck and you can still see your feet. Water is warm and the beach unbelievably light and clean. I was looking on the whole view thinking…”My happiness is on the highest possible level, I don’t anything else”. Difficult to describe, you have to see it!

2.  Beautiful Landscape

Driving with a scooter you can stop anytime and admire the most wonderful spots. From many of them, you can be hit by peace, silence and harmony of nature. Almost like anyone has never been there before you. Rice fields, mountains, coast, everything like from a dream. You look at this and you cannot believe is real.

3. Islands around

Access is very convenient to get there from different cities and even thought you came to Bali it would be a loss to not visit one of them. I recommend Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan, Nusa Penida and Gili Trawangan. All of theme are less developed tourist than Bali is so thanks to that you can find there even more quiet places. I have already told, if I would be Osama bin Laden I would hide in Nusa Penida 🙂 Beautiful beaches, tropical forests, natural sounds and just a few locals living with no stress of current civilization. You will be surprised that this kind of places still exists on the Earth!

4. Cheap

That’s probably one of not many places where you can become a millionaire living in a villa with a private pool in front of your bedroom. Yeah, currency in Indonesia it’s funny 🙂
1 million rupiah = 75 USD and for this luxury accommodation we paid 9 million! Will you find this conditions for this price in your country?
Moreover, food in restaurants is also cheap. For lunch and drink, I used to pay around 3 USD (35 000 rupiahs), but usually, it was less. Take a note I didn’t use to order the cheapest meal, It was usually vegetarian and those restaurants belong to average prices.

5. Surprising culture

The daily life of Indonesian looks quite different than European 🙂 Woman carrying heavy baskets on the head, collecting algs from the water, the cultivation of rice fields, Buddhist celebrations, smell of the incense on the each corner and drinking coffee from pu pu of the local animal – Luwak. What for them is custom, for us is exotic, what for us is custom for them is “exotic?!” Meeting people from different culture open the mind and becoming you more tolerant. You will see how each person in the Glob is worth to meet.

6.  Cusine

Delicious! What is even for me cooler, vegetarian food is almost in each restaurant. Mie Goreng, nasi goreng, Gado-Gado, curry meals, fresh fishes! WOW, licking your fingers! In addition very popular here are fresh juices, my favorite is mango <3, but there are also popular avocado, papaya, litchi- a lot! You will find something that you love.

7. Tranquillity

In the centre of the cities like Kuta, Seminyak and Ubud is usually crowded, like everywhere in touristic places, that’s normal. Even though almost from each local you can hear Balinese chill-out music. Listening to this you feel like everything is getting slower and more joyful. Apart from that, out of the city centre, you can find a different kind of tranquility. We were living in Ubud in the middle of the rice field where only noise was the noise of animals and insects and in Sanur where we could admire great sunset every evening.

8. Water sports

Snorkelling, diving, surfing, kitesurfing many of them! That’s simply wonderful to admire colourful fishes, huge turtles, various shapes corals, even small sharks (!) swimming next to you. Everything is into the transparent water. That is not a casual adventure! Diving is great!

9. Nice people

Balinese are really nice and helpful people. Ones when we were looking for a taxi in the middle of the night one Balinesian helped us to not lose our flight. He went on his scooter to the city centre and brought this taxi for us.
Moreover, you can get along in English faster with Balinesian in Bali, than with Spaniards in Spain (Spain – shame on you! Apparently you are also holiday country).

10. Health retreats & yoga

1, 5-hour massage of your whole body? Ear candle? Body scrub? Bath in the petals of flowers? Everything you want in a chilling atmosphere surrounded with candles, incense all in attractive prices! And, you know, in our countries everything is decorated to “natural” style. Here no one doesn’t pretend, even this loud gecko – he is also real!

11. Shopping

From souvenirs till beach dresses, shorts, skirts in Balinese style.

12. Weather

Guarantee, always hot. Even during raining season and during the rain I never feel cold. You should know that not always in training season is raining 🙂