I know girls, we like to have a choice with clothes and to look nice on our amazing holiday, especially when crazy singles ladies wanna hunt! 😀 Imagine, even in this situation is possible to take small luggage and have everything! I tested it many times and It always works for me very well. I introduce you 14 tips how to pack lightly going on holiday.

Let’s suppose we are going to Mallorca in August for 7 days by plane only with a hand luggage.



1. Books/Guides 

        Invest in E-book, It takes less space and it’s lighter than a normal book. Moreover, it’s always better to buy a sim card in the country of your holiday than sightseeing with the guidebook. It is easier to travel with the internet and as I experienced is the best idea.  You can check in every moment where are you, where to go, which restaurant around you is the best and use many many other travel applications.


2. Towels

        Make sure if the don’t provide in your hotel. If not I recommend buying quick-drying towels from microfibre which take only a little space. For the beach no need to take a big towel as well, light, thin scarf  works perfectly. 

3. Leave a room in your luggage

        Don’t squeeze! Always leave a bit room for souvenirs or potential clothes you may be tempted to buy.


4. Don’t take clothes which require ironing

        Avoid to take clothes you need to iron and don’t take at all if you are sure in the hotel  they will not give you an iron. Carrying them for the second part of the world doesn’t make sense if you will never put them. 

5. Don’t use vacuum bags to pack.

        I have read many times to pack in vacuum bags because It does take less space. Think how will you draw the air coming back home? Maybe with your lungs? 🙂


6. No laptop.

        What for? To watch movies before going to sleep? You should use your holiday as much to not have the energy to turn your computer on. I hope you are not going for a holiday supposing they will be very boring.


7. Don’t take snacks

        One time I have seen on some blog that the girl suggested to take a bag of candies and snacks for the trip. Some fruits are ok, it depends on how long our trip will be. Girls! We are going to the beach I guess we don’t want to look like a pig made from jelly !:)


8. Put heavy things on you

        As much as you can! The best those taking much space and heavy one. Especially hat, big jewellery, massive shoes.  


9. Clothes

-One set per day should be enough but if it’s not a dress you have to switch each skirt/shorts to the t-shirt. Why would we be taking  t-shirt when it doesn’t fit with any bottom clothes?

– If you are going to the hot you have to take something on long sleeves and trousers. In the planes is usually cold and in many countries AC works too strong, especially in Asia. One sweater is enough and instead jeans, just take leggings, it takes less space and there are more comfortable.

– One, maximum 2 outfits for a night are enough. No more. Believe me, not every day you will want to put it cause it’s not often comfortable to the beach and secondly, It doesn’t fit into the atmosphere. 


10. Underwear & Bikini

        If you are going to the beach you will  use more bikini than underwear. Take less number of panties than days which you are going. You can wash it while taking the shower, even sexy panties take some space 🙂 Bra? Max 2 pieces, one on you, second in the luggage.

One bikini would be of course enough, but it is a thing which I never do.  Usually, I take 2 🙂

11. Shoes & Bags

Flip-flops – for me super universal – on the beach, in the hotel, for a walk, for sightseeing.

Sandals – Take if you feel more comfortable than in flip flops. I usually give up from them.

High heels– That’s a bad idea, I used to take it always and I never put it, believe me on the beach party everyone is barefoot. If it’s club party still I can see high heels rarely, everyone is more in the beach- comfortable shoes.

Small bag – chose universal one, good for sightseeing, night and for the documents to the plane. To the beach, It’s not necessary to take beach basket, linen bag.

12. Cosmetics

        Invest in a set of small bottles to put there your cosmetics like shampoo, conditioner, body lotion (maximum 100ml to the plane with hand luggage). In addition everything in small travel size, you can buy in the simple drugstore. I know also, that in Asia and West Europe prices of sun cream are crazy. I buy them always in Poland, they are around 2- 3 times cheaper.


13. MakeUp

        Firstly, tidy it up! Select only those cosmetics which are really necessary for one style to make up. Don’t take everything what you have! Sometimes you can save even 0,5kg 🙂  

  • Mascara– (one piece) the best waterproof
  • Eye crayon – one color will be enough
  • Eyeshadow – a small palette ( small means around 3 colors, not 10)
  • Foundation – consider if you really need it. I don’t use it but I have friends which don’t want even take a look through the window without putting it. Not because they are bad without, just because they are addicted to it.
  • Blush/ bronzer – I love it <3, but  I travel only with very small size.

14. Others

  • Nail polish – maybe it’s not sexy but many girls do that and I do it as well. I take only one nail polish, exactly this one which I treated my nails before in case to fill missing spots. to  to fill  just in case of missing spots 🙂 I never take a whole of my equipment, usually, I have no time for nails and on holidays even less.
  • Hairbrush – It takes much space, I always manage with the comb, even with my long hair.
  • Hair Dryer– I never take, it’s better for your hair to let them dry normally. But if you really need it, make sure they don’t have in the hotel,
  • Straightener– Natural waves on the beach are sexier than straight hair – in my opinion. If you use it every day, think it’s not a time to be different on holiday, especially there is no space in your luggage.

For making your life easier, you can download application which will help you to organize your packing. One of the best are Pack Point by Wawwo, Travel List or Trip List.

I hope I helped you lose weight of your luggage because believe me, lighter suitcase means carrying less and zero problems with choose what to dress.

Have a great holiday my friend! 🙂