Read 10  tips for how to buy cheap flight ticket and make your dream come true. 🙂

A few years ago I got inspired to visit Japan. I had no idea how much flight tickets cost. I went to the first website to check if it’s really possible to go there someday in my life. Price? 2 000 USD. Well, in Poland you have to work around 3 months, only for 2000USD.

– Eh, no way, I will never afford – I was thinking angry and upset.

And I was in a huge mistake. I don’t remember what website it was, maybe some travel agency, some very inconvenient connections or some cheaters trying to get unaware in this field people like me at that time…Today I can find a ticket from Poland to Japan for around 600 USD, from Madrid to Costa Rica even less. Return ticket – to go and come back. Cheaper? More possible to spend that money? Of course!

From 10th the most important tip.


10. Check if it’s cheaper to pay in other currencies

        Happen. If you have bank accounts in different currencies, check it before buying. I heard for example that  Russian airlines are sly 😀 In ruble tickets are sometimes much cheaper than in other currencies. Everything is mostly because of currency rate.




9. Check if buying tickets separately is not cheaper.

        If you have to change flights, check if buying this tickets separately is not cheaper.  Someday I saved money buying the ticket from Denpasar (Bali, Indonesia) to Hong Kong when I had to change the plane in Singapore. Buying 2 tickets one buy one (Denpasar- Singapore and Singapore- Hong Kong) I had extra 30 USD to spend for Chinese craps for my niece 😀


8. Find cheap local airlines not existing in search engines

        Yes, It’s possible. You should search cheap local airlines on the internet in your travel area. For example, 2 years ago I didn’t know that some of the airlines aren’t included in searching engine. I had to give up with my friend going from Hong Kong to the Philippines because this unawareness would cost us very much. I didn’t know about local Cebu Pacific airlines where flights to the Philippines are much cheaper than  companies found for example on Skyscanner.

Heh! I regret it, stupid ignorance!


7. Identify the cheapest day to fly out

        Skyscanner and Google Flight  are great for that because you can see on the one screen when are the cheapest days in each month. Are you flexible with dates going on holiday? Then choose the cheapest one!




6. Check the price on different website

        If you chose the ticket in the search engine – check the airline company website. If you chose ticket on airline company website – check on the search engine.  Sometimes can be cheaper, sometimes more expensive, depends on. What you can be sure, checking will not cost you anything!





5. Don’t buy too early and too late

        Don’t book too early ( more than 5 months). It doesn’t mean it will be cheaper. In my experience buying ticket around one month before is a good time. Booking too early (more than 5 months in advance) can be sometimes more expensive than 1 month in advance.

When I was going from Poland to China I bought it one month in advance and price was still one of the best.

Don’t buy too late (within 14 days), because , of course, prices will be crazy.

That’s my general opinion, be aware that time of buying the ticket is like a lottery.



4.  Avoid weekends, holidays, summer

         If you want to travel cheap you shouldn’t fly in, this time, especially when in Europe are holidays like Christmas, Easter and during the summer (July, August).

Living in China it cost me much more to buy a ticket during the official holiday (when I didn’t work) than to buy a ticket in the normal day and take an unpaid holiday from my company. I just saved money traveling not on national holidays and in addition going in normal days I had less splitting Chinese around me. [Fuc**** Chineeeeeese!]



3. Look for system mistakes/ promotions/ good deals

         Mistakes always happen and because of that let’s be more than happy  🙂

There are many websites offering good deals. You can use:

You can like them on Facebook or subscribe to be informed all the time. Here is you, who need to adjust to the flight, not opposite.

Next way can be when you will find it by yourself on Skyscanner or Google Flights where you can see the price for a whole month. Sometimes in the middle of it, you can find a cheap happiness!

This is an option which I personally don’t look for.  It would take too much time, which has also a value. If you can find it circumstantially then is perfect, but only in this case 🙂


2. Use the best searching engine

        In my opinion, the best are Skyscanner and Momondo. It may be surprising for you, but for the same flight, the prices can be different on different websites.

The popular search engine is also Google Flights, but I use it only to check  the map to see where is the cheapest  destination. Then I go to another booking site and buy for less than Google Flights offer. They have not always the good prices.

I will not recommend the rest because the same flight which I tested cost 200euros more than in Skyscanner or Momondo 🙂



1. Look for flights in an incognito window.

        Wow! That’s incredibly important! In Chrome you can open it clicking on the right left corner.

In this way, incognito mode on your browser cannot use cookies to track your browsing pattern. The airlines, search engines are smart, they already know after first searching that  we want this ticket,  so they increase prices in normal mode. I have never bought the tickets without snooping around for better deals (I guess you too), so because of that incognito is perfect.  Don’t be a victim and always use this method.



Summarizing  buying flight tickets you have to be smart.There are no rules. it can be like playing the stock market, you cannot predict the prices. Anyway, you can always use the tricks, which I based on my experience and believe me, they work! Sometimes very, very good!!! 😀

Have a cheap flight! 🙂 

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