I will show you how olives are gathered in Spain!

The picking time is in December so I show you that with some delay. Olives are black because they are ripe, not because they are a different variation from green ones. (I know, I was also surprised when I found it out : P). Under the tree, they put a material so olives fall on it. To make it fall, Spanish use special shaking machines. One catches the branches, the other “combs” the leaves. Using them in two types, they can be sure that all the olives will fall from the tree. Check my video.
As you can see in the pictures, some olives look like dried, and this is because this year wasn’t raining almost at all so it was a very bad year of harvest.
I told them that if they would call tourists, they would shake off all the trees for free 😀
Olives have been already sorted out from the leaves and the olive oil was made in a nearby processing plant. To produce 1l of olive oil about 4,5 kg of olives are needed. A friend sells a liter of oil for less than 5 euros and sells it while the oil is still in the olives; p
Together with Israel, we noticed that we used a 5-liter bottle of oil in a year! And this year we will use even more because I use it as a hair mask! 🙂
Olive is great! Eat healthily, eat olive oil 🙂!