When we think of Spain, we mean full sun, hot beaches, blue water and Latino rhythms. No wonder. Going to the Iberian Peninsula on holiday, we mainly go to the coastal areas, because they are the most promoted. However, there are also those who want to get to know Spain from a completely different side, from the mountains. It should not be forgotten that Spain is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe. Interesting fact – mountains in Spain occupy about 90% of the country’s area. I was shocked when I found out about it, but a careful search for this other side of Spain allowed me to hit hiking trails. It was not easy, but it worked, so today I have a map for you. And maybe a few tips, but more on …

One of the observation decks

I guess there is nothing better than to sit down and look at the world from above.

October hike in Barrado, Cáceres. Isn’t it great that you can walk short sleeves in autumn?

As you can see in the pictures, living in Spain cannot be boring.

I consider an autumn weekend without hiking to be a lost weekend. My favorite time for mountain trips starts around October and ends in December. Then it is sunny, warm, but not hot, beautiful, colorful leaves appear, the landscape is really picturesque. In addition, edible chestnuts can be harvested in some places and baked in the oven. Almost like mushroom picking. Delicious! I will not even try to convince animal lovers to the trails, just look at the photos.

I would like to add that the routes in the mountains that I have been walking, Sierra de Gredos, are mostly quite flat, easy and pleasant. Especially compared to our Polish Tatra Mountains. Routes in Spain are usually well marked and you can’t get lost in the field. Often, the paths have marked viewpoints, i.e. mirador, where you can sit down or take photos on Instagram 🙂 If one of you is going to Madrid, it is also worth going on a trail. There are plenty of beautiful mountains north of the capital. However, to get to the trails, it would be more convenient to rent a car to travel freely.

And these are those delicious chestnuts!

Pedro Bernardo, Ávila

jezioro i góry

Lake El Burguillo. A great place to refresh in the center of Spain during hot summer.

El Piélago, Toledo. Just a few kilometres from home.


Another autumn hike among the colorful trees.


I also have great information for those who do not like to walk alone, because, for example, they feel safer in a larger group – that’s understandable. There are groups that organize such tours from Madrid. You can find one of them at the link: Hiking in the Community of Madrid. Once I was able to go hiking with one of these groups, the company was very nice, mixed, typically European. A day full of impressions and for sure – a fantastic adventure. Ah, if only I could, put a memory on paper … You also have the map above and let’s hope that someday we will meet on a hiking trail.

If you also have your favorite routes, please share them in the comments. I especially care about routes in Spain. I will try to update the map so that it serves more travellers.

And here is a walk with an organized group from Madrid, Patones de Arriba

On one of the trails starting in the town of Piedralaves, Ávila.

Piedralaves, Ávila

Gory, b

Barrancas de Burujón

Domek na polu w Hiszpanii


Livestock is a very common sight when hiking in central Spain. Barrado

Aż dziwi mnie, że to miejsce nie jest znane. Zrobiło na mnie ogromne wrażenie, jest jak Kanion Kolorado, a to “tylko” Barrancas de Burujón

I had the opportunity to get to know real, non-touristic, rural and mountain Spain for five years. I already think about it with sentiment, but for everyone it has much more to offer than these popular seaside towns. In my opinion, everyone should move their butt and see these landscapes, extremely different from Poland, which are very specific and most days illuminated by the sun. My usual rule is that I don’t go back to places I’ve already visited, but sometimes I make exceptions. Spain will be such an exception.