Continuation of description our adventured trip with the motorhome ( you can find here).

6 countries, 11 days, 3 000 km, different languages, different food, another culture. Visitation in European cities!

It was my second time in Italy. I don’t know what is it but I love the “spirit” of this country. I usually don’t have the desire to visit the same land again but there I would like to come back and to see much more places. I guess I am not only one impressed with Italy 🙂



Verona is small, charming town, which I would recommend anyone in the area.

I liked Venice too but If you think it is a place to engage hm….I don’t know 😛 depends on what who like 😛 I would say, It’s very nice, but is not “WOW”:P At least I didn’t feel there higher lever of romantic atmosphere.

Moving on. Let’s talk about Italian food. My friend told me once that in Italy she ate the worst pizza in her entire life. I had totally opposite experience, perhaps a better restaurant or a matter of taste. I like it very much.

The only thing that I did not like was the service at the restaurants. It is not only the extra fee on the bill for the service. It’s  also a few situations where the waiters just assumed that changes are as a tip but he had no reasons to think like that. However,  this happened only in Rome, during an earlier stay.

Still, Italy is a great country with soul, only city I don’t really recommend is Naples. 

A great trip to Italy can organize for you Dorothy from HELLO ITALY (,  who is charmed by this country and knows it better than anybody. She will tell you where to go, what to eat, and many, many other stuff 🙂

Photo report, scroll down and tell me in the comment how is your attitude to Italy. Are you enchanted like me, or the opposite?


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