Czech Republik

Continuing description of our adventured trip with the motorhome ( you can find here).

6 countries, 11 days, 3 000 km, different languages, different food, another culture. Visitation in European cities!


I really liked the atmosphere there. Prague reminds me Poznań and Israel said is similar to Krakow. Damn! We weren’t lucky didn’t stop to rain even for a moment! It was 28 December so in the center was many Christmas markets, decorated with beautiful ornaments. Cute! We could buy also a hot wine which I love so much!

I think the Czech food was the best from all countries from our camper trip! To be more detailed – Knedlík. It is really delicious. This is kind of bread with sauce. It reminds me Polish food, we have sth very very similar. Also, our language has many similarities. I was talking in Polish, they were talking in Czech and we understood each other quite easy 🙂 Yeah, we (Polish culture and people) have a bunch of very common stuff.

We don’t like visit museums but there was one which made our attention…SEX TOYS MUSEUM! Busy like the queue in the church to confession! 😀 We had fun there not only from particular expositions but also with the people which were commenting all of the toys in a funny way, laughing. Even in the souvenirs store, there was the feeling that the Czech Republic is close with porn industry 😀

Lipno nad Vltavou, Vítkův hrádek

There was wonderful, the only day with snow during our trip.  Sun was shining, snow was decorating the landscape. If winter would mean weather like this I would love it. I like hot but I think cold has also its own charm like you know, you get froze and later you are going home drinking hot drinks near the fireplace…Hmmm…Ok, we didn’t have fireplace but I’m sure you know what I mean 🙂

Czech Republik.

  • Similar to Poland,
  • Cheaper than countries with euro currency,
  • Good food,
  • Kind people.

Take care in SEX TOYS MUSEUM 🙂

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