Continuation of description our adventured trip with the motorhome ( you can find here).

6 countries, 11 days, 3 000 km, different languages, different food, another culture. Visitation in European cities!


#Hungary, Budapest

We were going there thinking “it’s just a city”. We were surprised again when we got there. At the night near the river when most of the buildings are light up is beautiful. Yeah, Budapest is cool,  much to see. Moreover, food is great and cheaper than other euro-currency countries. I think it is the good destination for the people who would like to spend the weekend in not expensive and more than nice European capital. Budapest is really wonderful, I could go there for a second time.  




#Slovakia, Bratislava

– Can I pay in euro for this key ring?

–  It’s our currency.  

Next surprise. My knowledge about money in Europe wasn’t sufficient 😛

Bratislava is ok, but not much to do. There, was also kind of “empty”, not many people. If I would have to live in such city, I would prefer to live in the village 😛 Food, good almost like in Poland, but unfortunately not so cheap, well euro….Maybe it’s not the city which I would put in “must to see” list but if you will have Bratislava next to your travel route go there, I think each place is worth to discover.