Continuation of description our adventured trip with the motorhome ( you can find here).

6 countries, 11 days, 3 000 km, different languages, different food, another culture. Visitation in European cities!


# Austria, Zell am See, Mayrhofen.

Before got there we firstly visited totally opposite direction and we end up almost in Vienna. Well, mistakes always happen 😛 We don’t know how, but our trip was 3 hours longer than it should be, because of that mistake 😛 Happened, forgotten!

We woke up in the morning with the view on Alpes. Wow, I really like this landscape, Austrian alps are great, I want to come back there someday to see more and what I love the most – hiking! When we were going to Mayrhofen we could admire even more lands, taking pictures with this charming mountains. I don’t understand why Hitler was in such bad mood. 😛

Mayrhofen is the charming town nearby ski station. Unfortunately, at that time was only fake snow…and we expected holiday full of snow, real snow. Well, weather like a woman.


# Austria, Innsbruck

Cool views continued, especially to the view point at the city. And again, buildings in Innsbruck also reminded me cities in Poland like Poznań, Wrocław…That’s the thing in Europe. It’s nice but I will not see here in the culture something “WOW” like in Asia I used to see. And I love cultural shocks so much!

It was the day of New Year’s Eve, and as I like to meet new people I opened to find someone to celebrate New Year with. Finally, I found Austrian guy who invited us for his small party. It was really international meeting. Austrian, American, Indian, Syrian and of course Polish and Spanish. Traveling is about people too, more interesting when you meet them and listen what they have to tell about.



# Austria, Vienna

The coldest and most windy day ever! From Vienna, I expected more than I’ve got. It’s nice, but nothing excellent. It is probably I can’t get excited much with this type of buildings and architecture. Maybe my Polish blood remembers history 😀 


What about you? Have you ever been in Austria? What would you recommend me to see in the future? I will be grateful for any comments! 🙂