Poland, 4th year of University. I was coming back with my friends from lectures in cold, winter, raining time. Everyone, freezing, hungry, tired after school talking how lazy they will spend this ugly afternoon in the bed.

I’ve got message. “Almost no one will come, please guys there need to be someone from our team!”.

-No way, I don’t want, I’m exhausted, It will be not me – I thought.

Tram stopped, we started to get off and I couldn’t wait when I will eat dumplings from my mum watching one of the polish travel documentary. Then one thought came to my mind. “As much you give as much you take, as much you give as much you take…”

-Fuuuck! – I stopped in front of the door in the tram- Guys, I have to go somewhere, bye.


aiesec logo

All of our team have got this message from my colleague from organization which I was a member. AIESEC had this idea about personal development. We were promoting language workshops and on that day we organized a sample lesson of chinese language, when almost no one confirm their presence. I went there as a representative. There was totally maybe 6 students and 2 teachers- chinese couple.

Nǐ hǎo. Hěn gāoxìng jiàn dào nǐ! – they greeted us.

Hehe, what a barking language I was thinking.

-Look! Anika! I have 160cm and this girl is shorter than me, yeah! My friend added loudly don’t knowing that that couple used to learn polish.

Teachers were good prepared! They started a lesson talking about China, where exactly they are from, how is their culture, what do they eat. It impressed me so much that I already forgot I was hungry. And angry! ( As in my country we use expression “Polish hungry, Polish angry”). After that, they did introduction to Chinese language.

-O my God! It’s so complicated and so fantastic at the same time! I was excited enormously. Why can’t I study Chinese?!?!

And as you can guess I used to attend on this classes. Luckily as a member of Aiesec I had this course for free, so It was even easier to decide.

During this time I’ have got my real  passion and curiosity to this country. I remember how I was talking with that chinese guy.

You know, I would love go to China for internship, which AIESEC organize, honestly you inspired me so much.I will try to earn money for the ticket.

-Don’t worry Anika, you will be there.

Yes. – I answered couldn’t really imagine myself being in China. How that simple and nothing distinctive Anika could be so far? I didn’t even feel confident in english so how anyone would accept me to work with? I don’t even know anyone from my friends who have been there. How I would earn so much money for whole this trip?

– Yes Bruce I will do it. I will do my best! – And like a poor student  I entered tram not validate the ticket for 0.26 USD to save money for a vodka for tomorrow’s student party 😀 

Do sth extra in your life. Don’t be lazy man! If you have a choice between doing sth what you usually do and sth new, don’t make mistake, do new!

If I wouldn’t change my decision and I would get off the tram I wouldn’t go for a chinese course later. That’s obvious. I wouldn’t hear how China is, I wouldn’t get fascinated and I wouldn’t make my dream. And the worst I wouldn’t know how much beautiful moments I would lose…


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