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Great to see you here! 🙂

Welcome to my TRAVEL BLOG.

My name is Anika and currently, I live in



There was the time when I didn’t want to move out of my country. By the time! It is started from my student’s exchange program in Turkey and later my emigration in China, Indonesia, and Spain made me realize, that it is not only traveling but also living in different countries makes me super happy. Lately, I also noted that fear, incertitude, and ignorance while traveling made me even more excited.
I am from the country of great vodka. No, not from Russia. Poland has the best shots of strong alcohol that I have ever drink. Hmm, the country I grew up in wasn´t very hot, so we as a Polish have to warm up :).

I am a person boldly going through life, I am doing what I really want to do. I tell the truth without bullshit! 🙂 I can be very pissed off and really enjoy the tiny things 🙂
Privately I develop my business, I import electronics from China and I have an online store with Xiaomi phones in Spain (Fans de Xiaomi en Espana)  and in Poland (telefonyxiaomi.com).  Sometimes I work as a freelancer in marketing and sales. Generally business turns me on! I like to learn in this field and also learn foreign languages. Addition to all of this is this blog, which, simply I love to run! 🙂


Why am I writing this blog?

Many people wanted from me tips how to go and settle down abroad, asking how is living as an immigrant and where I recommend going for the holiday. I decided to collect all of this information on TRAVEL Anika.
I know very well that is not very easy to turn the life upside down and just go there, where you were dreaming your entire life. In all of the cases, I know the people are incredibly happy, that they decided to move to another country or just started to travel. They say that decision was the best in their life. Same as me. Because what for to be in the rainy country if you can be on the tropical island? I will help you to make that decision because the more people are happy the more beautiful is world 🙂

I hope I will inspire you to TAKE LIFE IN YOUR HANDS!


Just like my fan page and let’s go out into the world! 🙂