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Mongol Rally 2017 – our story day by day. Playlist.

On the videos, you will not find beautiful landscapes. Here, you will see what Mongol Rally really is. Our adventure, our daily problems, car braking and so. 41 short videos from the beginning till the end of the rally. [English

Paragliding in Spain

My first experience paragliding. That’s wonderful ! 🙂  

Holiday on Mallorca

If you love beaches, Mallorca definitely should be on your travel list! Why? Welcome to watch a video from the most wonderful places on this Spanish island!  

Celebrating St. John’s night in Spain

This Spanish village, La Iglesuela with 400 people will always surprise me. Celebrating loudly St. John’s night 🙂

20+ Suprising Things Which You Will Never See in Europe. Tour on The Balinese Streets.

How is the job of locals ? How do those islands look like? You can check it there! Welcome to watch my 3 min video from the trip to Nusa Lembogan and Nusa Ceningan.