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The best applications for traveling without which I would not imagine any trip. TOP 13!

The best applications for traveling without which I would not imagine any trip. TOP 13!   Lately, my friend wrote me a message: – I am going to Barcelona and I have to find some cheap accommodation. Do you have

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Motorhome , winter, not working heater, 6 countries and our adventure. What you should know going to travel with this vehicle?!

Motorhome. I always knew about it, I always saw it, I was always thinking is cool but I never considered to travel by it! [Why?! – who knows :P] My boyfriend is the fan of any cars and this year

7 reasons why you shouldn’t travel to the hot countries during European summer time.

        It doesn’t make sense to travel to the hot countries during the European summer time! You will find here 7 super important reasons, why you shouldn’t do this.  I’m writing about people who: lives in north

How to find a cheap flight ticket? 10 tips which you don’t know and you always overpaid

        Read 10  tips for how to buy cheap flight ticket and make your dream come true. 🙂 A few years ago I got inspired to visit Japan. I had no idea how much flight tickets cost.

How To Pack On Holiday? TIPS FOR THE GIRLS

I know girls, we like to have a choice with clothes and to look nice on our amazing holiday, especially when crazy singles ladies wanna hunt! 😀 Imagine, even in this situation is possible to take small luggage and have


Public transportation, taxi or maybe own borrowed vehicle? Firstly be aware that very bad conditions roads in Bali are always crowded. 1.  SCOOTER In my opinion, the best idea, if you travel alone with partner or friends.     That’s