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What annoys me living in the Spanish village, LA IGLESUELA – disadvantages

A Spanish village is a great place for a quiet life and remote work. In an earlier post, I described the advantages of La Iglesuela, a tiny village located 120 km from Madrid. This time, however, I will present things

What I like living in Spanish countryside – La IGLESUELA – the advantages.

The Spanish village is very different from the Polish one, oh yeah. Until today I remember listening with interest in Zhuhai the story of my friend about an idyllic place in central Spain called La Iglesuela. Tired of a neverending crowd

Hiking trails in Spain – map

Spain that not only a paradise beach.  We can’t forget that it is also one of the most mountainous countries in Europe. Apparently, it has the second place, just after Switzerland. This is why living in the central part of this country is

Valencia and Fallas, so how Spaniards have fun

17th of March, spring have already arrived for good. Well, for the polish girl like me I would call it even summer! -Where are we going to the beach this weekend? – I asked. -To Valencia, there will be Fallas!

Paragliding in Spain

My first experience paragliding. That’s wonderful ! 🙂  

Holiday on Mallorca

If you love beaches, Mallorca definitely should be on your travel list! Why? Welcome to watch a video from the most wonderful places on this Spanish island!  

Celebrating St. John’s night in Spain

This Spanish village, La Iglesuela with 400 people will always surprise me. Celebrating loudly St. John’s night 🙂