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Laria is 6 years old and knows 3 languages fluently. The story of a little girl. For emigrants and those living in their own country.

Here’s Laria. Laria is the child of two nationalities, she has a Polish mother, Kurdish father and lives in the United Kingdom. Probably, the girl still does not realize how lucky she is because she communicates without any problem in 3

From the burps of Chinese, through crazy Latins till “Europe is a country”. Making friends  in China.

              I started dream go to China 2 years before I made it done.  I was very curious about this place as I didn’t know anyone who has ever been there, so I didn’t

Celebrating St. John’s night in Spain

This Spanish village, La Iglesuela with 400 people will always surprise me. Celebrating loudly St. John’s night 🙂


Poland, 4th year of University. I was coming back with my friends from lectures in cold, winter, raining time. Everyone, freezing, hungry, tired after school talking how lazy they will spend this ugly afternoon in the bed. I’ve got message.


  People use to say: In English : Hello, how are you? To everyone, even they meet for the first time. They don’t really care how you are. You are only required to answer I’m fine, even you feel bad.