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Mess on Caspian Sea ferry Kazakhstan – Azerbaijan | Mongol Rally 2017 | Polish My Sausage

Video from our adventure on the ferry on the Caspian Sea from Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan. Mongol Rally 2017 🙂

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Visa to Russia and our irritation during the applying

#Visa to Russia I think it is the most problematic country to get visa from all the countries where we need visa for the whole Mongol Rally. Many people going for this adventure this year had some problems or questions.

Risk, Fear And Our Worries – Mongol Rally

A few days ago one journalist from the famous newspaper wrote to me asking about our adventure Mongol Rally. He gave me one question: -Do you have any fears about Mongol Rally? If yes, what is this? I reminded in

Mongol Rally and our preparations for the expedition from London to Mongolia with crappy car

Polish My Sausage is going to spend 7 weeks on the way, do approximately 17 000 kilometers and going through 21 countries. Whole adventure will happen in 24- years old fire truck, polish Żuk.   I will tell you shortly

From the burps of Chinese, through crazy Latins till “Europe is a country”. Making friends  in China.

              I started dream go to China 2 years before I made it done.  I was very curious about this place as I didn’t know anyone who has ever been there, so I didn’t

Is it worth to go to Bali? 12 reasons why you should visit this island.

In my opinion, Bali is an island definitely worth to see. I chose a few reasons to tell you why you should go there. This place is not only beautiful, it has a not repeatable culture. Bali has a soul!

20+ Suprising Things Which You Will Never See in Europe. Tour on The Balinese Streets.

Public transportation, taxi or maybe own borrowed vehicle? Firstly be aware that very bad conditions roads in Bali are always crowded. 1.  SCOOTER In my opinion, the best idea, if you travel alone with partner or friends.     That’s


Poland, 4th year of University. I was coming back with my friends from lectures in cold, winter, raining time. Everyone, freezing, hungry, tired after school talking how lazy they will spend this ugly afternoon in the bed. I’ve got message.

Green Bread?! Why green?!

To buy “European” bread in Indonesia is a huge challenge. European means not sweet. Well, in China I have seen much weird stuff but never green bread! This is actually cake which you can find near other kinds of bread,