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A pretty long, 6-hour, one-day trip from El Gouna (about Egyptian nice city by the Red Sea you can read here)  to Cairo. The pollution of the air there is a nightmare! I lived in China for 1.5 years in the

Water sports in the Red Sea. Kitesurfing and scuba diving, Egypt

DIVING IN THE RED SEA For those who have not had the opportunity to dive yet, I will be honest – my photos like most other underwater ones are nonsense: P They are edited in Photoshop to achieve nice colors,

Holiday in Egypt in the city of millionaire – El Gouna – prices, weather and  general information

El Gouna is a self-sufficient place where everything you need is there: hotels, restaurants, shops, kitesurfing and diving centres, Egyptian bazaars, a cinema, other tourist attractions, transport inside the town, also the apartments of working people and “rich” coming there

How do they get olives out of a tree in Spain?

I will show you how olives are gathered in Spain! The picking time is in December so I show you that with some delay. Olives are black because they are ripe, not because they are a different variation from green

Laria is 6 years old and knows 3 languages fluently. The story of a little girl. For emigrants and those living in their own country.

Here’s Laria. Laria is the child of two nationalities, she has a Polish mother, Kurdish father and lives in the United Kingdom. Probably, the girl still does not realize how lucky she is because she communicates without any problem in 3

What annoys me living in the Spanish village, LA IGLESUELA – disadvantages

A Spanish village is a great place for a quiet life and remote work. In an earlier post, I described the advantages of La Iglesuela, a tiny village located 120 km from Madrid. This time, however, I will present things

What I like living in Spanish countryside – La IGLESUELA – the advantages.

The Spanish village is very different from the Polish one, oh yeah. Until today I remember listening with interest in Zhuhai the story of my friend about an idyllic place in central Spain called La Iglesuela. Tired of a neverending crowd

Hiking trails in Spain – map

Spain that not only a paradise beach.  We can’t forget that it is also one of the most mountainous countries in Europe. Apparently, it has the second place, just after Switzerland. This is why living in the central part of this country is

Mongol Rally 2017 – our story day by day. Playlist.

On the videos, you will not find beautiful landscapes. Here, you will see what Mongol Rally really is. Our adventure, our daily problems, car braking and so. 41 short videos from the beginning till the end of the rally. [English

Mongol Rally expenses – summary.

It is time to calculate all expenses of Mongol Rally. When we were buying the car, paying for visas and the rest of the stuff I have already felt it will be not a cheap trip. During traveling, four of